Suit Up Soldier of the King!!

I was talking to a good friend and spiritual mentor yesterday. He told me in not so many words that He didn't know how effective it would be to minister deliverance to people on the internet.  In my heart, I agree with him. 

Effective ministry needs to be face to face  and very vocal. Saying all this I had had several people on the internet confront me about being delivered from tormenting demons.   While I have compassion and know where they are coming from. All I can do is point them to the prayers on my blog and hope they will pray the prayers out loud. 

My prayer is that that would  learn to FIGHT the devil and his demons...submitting to God and resisting the devil and his demons and they will flee. As my old friend Doc once told me you must become a fighter if you want to see victory in your walk in Christ. or the devil will walk all over you!

If you pastor declines to help you and you cannot find a deliverance ministry in your area, you cannot take a passive stance with the forces of darkness. You must be proactive and learn to stand-firm against the schemes of the devil. I pray that this gives you hope. There are so many broken and abused by the devil on the internet.

There are many Bibles and books out there on spiritual warfare. I encourage you to shop online. Sometimes you can happen upon a good used deal in fair condition. It is not the shape of the book that is going to help you but what is written on the pages to give you victory. I shop on

Whatever your case may be it is good  to Saturate your mind with the word and prayer, and get into the word. listen to a audio bible.I have a spiritual warfare bible and I vocally pray the prayers in that bible every morning. I also listen to the BIble and read along as they read it. A great audio Bible source is I pray you are blessed, and I hope that what I have said to you in the postings have helped you. Daily putting on your armor of GOD!!!

May God bless and hold you close to His heart,