Step Back into the Light of God...

Whatever you do in your Christian walk, stay in the light of life of Jesus Christ, and do not turn your back on Abba God.   When you do, you put yourself in the devil's domain of deep darkness. There are all sorts of evil traps there that "look" appealing, but that will not be easy to defeat. God will not be there for you if you sell out to the devil, unless you get help and turn your heart back to Jesus Christ!!! The devil will ultimately destroy your body and soul if you go with him. He will take you to the deepest hell!!!  Do not allow satan to blind you, he is not your bestie!! As a Spirit filled believer in Jesus Christ, he is your greatest threat and the enemy of your soul!

 If you sell your soul to the devil you will regret it and be miserable. I'm sure there are Christians who have gotten hurt or abused and have turned to satan and his other worshippers. I pray Jesus draws you back by the power of His Spirit. I pray you experience His deliverance in Jesus' name. By the power of the blood of Jesus, you can be set free.

You cannot run away from God because when you do, you are running to the devil. You can not ride the fence or stay neutral  There is no middle ground between God and the devil.   Choose this day whom you will serve! Don't act like a fool when you know better! Jesus knows all... Turn back to God and seek the face of Jesus with your whole heart, no matter what is coming against you.  His anointed HOLY Spirit will give you life and love and peace as you trust and allow your soul to be loved by Abba God!!!

To be ruled by our selfish nature will not get it either. we need to selflessly serve and seek after God and follow His plan for our life completely....Our own plans can lead to satan's demise. We can make plans, but it is God who directs our steps...

No stone should be unturned in your heart. Everything should be turned over as you face the living God now, and allow the blood of Jesus to wash away all defilement and sinful rebellion toward HIM!

Jesus Christ came into this world in the flesh, He lived a sinless life, and suffered a horrible death. He rose from the dead! He is alive and sits at the right hand of the Father!  Right now He intercedes to Abba God on our behalf.  Can you imagine the prayers coming froth from our great intercessor Jesus Christ?  We need to get in the place where those great blessings will happen and touch our lives, and that is not playing around with the world and satan. That is not going to happen unless you get in sync with His Holy Spirit.

I had to learn the hard way not to turn away from God. Sure...we can give up on people, but God, is a different story if we are truly a believer. You can set yourself up for destruction and death, and the devil would love that more than anything.

We must turn back to God to receive His healing and deliverance. We cant put the blame on Him that is just a excuse, you are accountable to God first and foremost.

Who are we even to get mad at God, and tell Him we are not going to serve HIM. Everything that happens in our life has a reason.  He wants us to turn to Him in Spirit and truth.

Abba God, I come confidently to your throne right now.  I pray for deliverance for those desiring to turn back to the living God. Satan,  you are a defeated foe. You have lost the battle Jesus has the keys... and ultimately satan, you will burn in the Lake of fire, forever and ever. I pray for those bound by the devil I pray and I command you to loosen your hold on everyone reading this now in Jesus name by the power of the Holy Spirit! I apply the shed blood of Jesus Christ on everyone reading this and break all curses by the precious blood of Jesus! Amen!!!