Choose to BE A Winner!!!

Jesus came to give us a abundant and blessed life.  Why are there people in this world who are miserable with their lives and in a very unstable, mental mess and do not want a way out.  I can not understand why someone would want to stay sick?  I pray that you would be delivered by the words of this writing...that it would help and enable you to take that step of faith you know you need to make!

     There is hope for you to find the healing you are seeking from God.  Do you believe the report of the Lord, or the report of a doctor? God's Holy Word says that by the stripes of Jesus you have been delivered and been made whole.   Where is your hope based? My hope is in the resurrected Christ Jesus my Lord sitting at the right hand of our Father in heaven!  God raised Him from the dead, and my hope is in nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness that I "have been" forgiven and healed! If God has saved you from hell, would not He save you from your illness?

     God doesn't desire for us to be sick but to walk in his healing power, and be mightily touched by His awesome grace.  It is not his desire to wallow in our sickness and use it as a crutch to not get better.

     Do you allow people to hinder your healing? Do you feel held back with no chance of escape from your condition? There is no need for people and circumstances to hold you back from what you really want in God! You have the freedom in God to make your own choice about your life. Will you give your life to Christ to fulfill the calling God has on your life? There are people that you come in contact with that need to see you walking in your healing, That may be your calling in your life is to help give people hope that there is a way out!

     For some of us our healing is a process of moving and growing in grace and trusting God no matter what happens.  If we are not willing to take risks when you take a chance to be happy with your life, you are going to live in stagnant swampy waters.   You are just making it difficult for yourself in making the choice not to take a chance with your well being...

     I believe in taking chances.  I believe that God wants me to grow up, for He desires me to be washed and renewed in the freshwater of His Spirit!

     I also believe for me those swampy waters are the fragments of the remnants of many years of walking in my illness, instead of walking into the realization of  the healing that Jesus had made me well and whole.  I believe He rekindled the fire of His grace within my heart, and through  my mind enabling me to walk his healing today.

     I have made several giant steps of faith since 2010.  Those steps helped me find my way when I was uncertain about my future.  Even though those I felt immense fear, I pushed through it to finally walk out of that timidity into the enabling power force of God. On the other side of my illness, was the strength of being empowered by Christ Jesus!

     I am here to tell you when you finally take that step beyond that feeling of fear and dread, on the other side of that is wholeness and a more sound mind that I never realized I would be able to get away from.

If you are listening to a voice telling you that you will never be healed from your mental anguish, I am here to tell you that you are listening to the WRONG voice.   For so many years I would wander why I was not growing closer to God, I was not "opening up my life" to moving in the faith of God and taking those steps out of the place i was in. I was stuck in a rut!

    While in the midst of my condition, I didn't see a ray of hope or a life for me. I did not see a way out for me. God has opened my blinded eyes...

     Father I pray that blind eyes would be opened wide to see the healing power of Your grace in the eyes of Christ Jesus! Help me to spend time with you, that we hear Your words of hope from God's Holy Spirit. 

     Not my might, nor power, but by the Spirit of the Lord, he has set this captive free! Help me, and give me to courage to do what i need to do what you have called me to go, help me to make those steps of faith, in Jesus' name, 


  1. Richard thank you for sharing. I think what stops many people from seeking God is their own lack of belief that God is bigger than their illness. It makes me think of the verse in Matthew 17:20. He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (NIV) We can pray but if we don't have that small seed of faith we prevent God from working in our lives. I read so many posts about individuals who are praying and feel upset with God because they are still struggling with mental health issues. I honestly think until we change our thoughts to fully believe we can be healed we won't be. I thank you for sharing this. Your life is a true example that anyone can and is used by God.


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