Unresolved Abuse in Your Past?...(A WORD OF DELIVERANCE TO YOU)

I have been ministering to people on a Christian website, and they seem to have a lot of abuse in their past. Many years later, some that are abused have unresolved  issues that leave them tormented in fear.   People who are abused live with the demons transferred from their own abusers. I believe it is handed down generationally.   What that means is if you were abused then the one who abused you was abused and it can go several generations.   The Lord Jesus may be using me in the deliverance ministry no doubt. There is so much trauma in the life of someone who has been abused. I hate to tell you this but I believe in demons spirits.  If you backslide from God, and do not live for God 100 percent, or you are a fence rider then you put yourself in satan's domain and anything is possible.  If there is a Holy Spirit from God, then there are evil spirits from satan.  If you do not believe that, I pray that God has mercy upon your soul...

A little child or a young teen doesn't know any better.   When someone that is abused abuses a child whether verbally or emotionally or mentally, I will even go so far to say physically or sexually, their demons are transferred to the person being abused.  It causes a soul tie.   I believe soul ties are very strong ties to the demons of your abuser that must be severed by deliverance. You cannot seem to let it go. There is hope and deliverance for the abuser who is proactive in maintaining their deliverance at all costs.    I believe the Lord Jesus is going to give me a prayer by the Holy Spirit to sever all ties with your abuser. I would pray this prayer everyday, anytime you have free time, I would pray this prayer and come against any spirit that is harassing you.

Father God, in the name of Jesus by the blood that you shed for me on the cross at Calvary, I come come before Your throne of Grace. I ask you to show me the demons that have invaded my mind, soul, and body...and I come against any and all evil spirits transferred to me by physical, mental, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse, and I BIND them all in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I plead the blood of Jesus over my mind body and soul and I allow your Holy Spirit to cleanse me of all defilement and impurity and verbal curses from the hands and harsh words curses of my abusers.  I ask you Father in Heaven to loose your warring angels of light as a hedge around me to fight off the forces of darkness. Let Your light shine in my soul, I bare my soul to you one hundred percent. I yield to Your word that says I have authority over the devil. I don't take that authority lightly but I stand up as a soldier in active combat against the devil and his demons, and I dont let up until I see my victory in Jesus....the price HAS been paid in full satan and you have no right to torment me any longer by the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT I cast you away and I break all generational curses spoken over me by verbal and mental abuse.  I break all soul ties with my abuses in the name of Jesus by His Holy Blood!!! I am not accountable of the sins of my parents, grandparents, and so on and so forth!!! Forgive me of my own sins Father God...where I am accountable I ask you to cleanse me with your blood Jesus. I pray all these things saying out LOUD, it is over and done and I recieve the deliverance and victory you have destined for me in the most Holy Name that is above every other name in heaven and earth, in Jesus name Amen!!!

For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, 6 but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments. Exodus 20:5-6