It's about Time...

It is time to take that chance

 to run away from the darkness

from the shadows 

that bind up the night,

 We have the victory as we walk in the light of Jesus     

The darkness will always be there until the end....  

The evil one cannot haunt us anymore.


Let's run all the way...

 into the day,

where The Sun is beaming over the horizon, 

as it touches the green meadows 

drying the dew from the crisp mountain air...

there is that river who waters never die. 


It is time for us to be free

to abide in that forever grace

 if we are willing we will be clean...

Come out of those shadows that would cling to your soul. 

Come into the fullness of the Sun's rays.

 From the layers of white clouds in the sky, radiating down on you and I.

Come to the river and wash your soul

from the inside you will be cleansed and it will change you on outside

Let the Spirit flow like a sweet heavenly dove

filling the air with the sweet fragrance

of Majesty.

Forever forever forever let your glory fall upon me.


Show us your glory Jesus...

overcome us with your grace grace grace

let us dance in delight of the Lord...

dance our way out of the shadows

into your holiness...

Thank you Jesus for your love!!!

Show me your glory!!!