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Walking in the Spirit.

There is a daily battle we must face every day and every night for as long as we live. We must fight the flesh and not let it win, waging war between the lines of what is right, good and holy, and what is  wrong, bad, and evil.

By the Spirit of the Holy Living God, we have the Spirit's power within us if we are a true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  He gives us the ability to say "No," and resist the urges of the flesh as we submit to the Word of God.

Yet, in those weak times if we don't look to God, we will fall into sin.  The devil knows our weakness and will try to put condemnation in our hearts if we cave in and gratify the flesh. He knows us all too well.  We have to be vigilant of His schemes and not play in his court.

You do not have to give in each time sin knocks at the door of your mind. It's really not sin to be "tempted" by the devil...temptation is not the sin and God does not tempt us with the evils of sin.  It is when you let down you…

Constant Perseverance...

Be diligent to stand firm when all hell is coming against you...when it seems that the earth rumbles around you, don't give up!  When it seems that every demon in hell is surrounding you attempting to stop  you in your tracks, stand firm and rebuke the enemy of your soul by the Spirit of the living Lord! There are going to be days when you want to crawl back under the covers and sleep the world away! The enemy will not give up easily....Praise God that He has to flee, go as far a way as you are determined to submit to God, and resist the devil.

You may wonder how you submit to God?  You put yourself under the word and really listen to what it has to say. I like listening to the audio bible. There are several online and even some have Iphone apps. I encourage you to merge your will to God's will by reading and listening to the word on a daily basis, Surrendering to the Holy Spirit to fill you up with His power to be all He can be in our lives.

Submit means to yield, surrender to …

It's about Time...

It is time to take that chance

 to run away from the darkness

from the shadows 

that bind up the night,

 We have the victory as we walk in the light of Jesus     
The darkness will always be there until the end....  

The evil one cannot haunt us anymore.


Let's run all the way...

 into the day,
where The Sun is beaming over the horizon, 

as it touches the green meadows 

drying the dew from the crisp mountain air...
there is that river who waters never die. 


It is time for us to be free

to abide in that forever grace
 if we are willing we will be clean...
Come out of those shadows that would cling to your soul. 

Come into the fullness of the Sun's rays.

 From the layers of white clouds in the sky, radiating down on you and I.
Come to the river and wash your soul
from the inside you will be cleansed and it will change you on outside
Let the Spirit flow like a sweet heavenly dove
filling the air with the sweet fragrance
of Majesty.
Forever forever forever let your glory fall upon me.

Show us y…

Are You Resisting Jesus?

At one time or another, I believe we have all experienced rejection in one way or another. It hurts to be rejected by those we love.  We have rejected someone intentionally or unintentionally, or been rejected by a friend, spouse, or family member.

     What I am thinking is, "how many times have we resisted and rejected Jesus? I cannot for the life of me comprehend how we can reject the lover of our soul and yet I know there  are times in my own life when I have rejected and resisted the Spirit of the Lord.  How can we resist the love of God our Father? How can we resist His Holy Spirit?

     He is the one who can save us from death and hell.  I know is I am just as guilty as the next person. I have made my mistakes, and rejected His love and resisted His grace.

     Why do we make things so difficult? The Word of God does say that His yoke is easy, and His burden is light.

     Thank God He doesn't hold it against us!  When we totally give our hearts to Him, He doesn't hold…

Living Courageously

For many years, I lived paralyzed in fear.  Often times, I think about those times and I wondered "why?" because I really and truly did not want to live that way.  I wanted to live and have a full and happy life.  There are just some things I just didn't understand or have the answers. After 3 severe mental breakdowns, satan made sure that I had given up on moving forward. Just living from day to day seemed very difficult and tough to see the road ahead. I was unsure of which way to go.  It seemed as if that I could not rise above the cloudiness of life. As a result, I lived a very isolated and reclusive lifestyle. I resigned to a life of deep depression and loneliness. But still deep within me was a determination to keep going from day to day and not give up. I just knew that if I had a chance I would indeed take that chance. to rise up and out of my situation.

Finally, after many years of defeat, with the God Almighty's help, I was able to break through with God'…

Thank you God...for Healing Power!!

I want to take the time right now to thank God my Father. He could have took me out of this earthly life very easily in the last several weeks. I am thankful the doctors caught the pneumonia right in the nick of time.  Even though I did suffer for several days in the hospital and I was out of it for about a week out after that. I am praising the Lord that all my breathing tests came back clear!

There is a lot of people in the hospital, and some who have not even got there yet who are suffering from congestion, and bronchitis, flu and yes even pneumonia. 

I bring these people to your throne of Grace right now Jesus, in this time of need we ask You to step inside their bodies by the powerful presence of Your Holy Spirit bringing wholeness and healing.  Do not let those people  give up on life. so many think the flu season is a death sentence, it doesn't have to be that way in Jesus name! I bind the spirit of fear and sickness in the name of Jesus!!! Never let us forget that we are YOU…