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God is a Box Breaker!!!

What would you pray if a person says that your prayers for them will only "hit the ceiling?" I tell ya friends, that takes the cake. I believe that tells people that they don't want your prayers, or it could mean that to not waste your time praying for them

I contemplated over this for several weeks.   When a person in your past crosses your mind you try to sort out the good memories and the bad and pray for their well being.  Well I was hurt when someone specifically told me this in the last several months. Of course you think about the friend from time to time trying to weigh in the balance the good and the bad times...

Today, I specifically heard the Lord speak to me about praying for people... See, some try to put God in a box saying "You can do this, but You cannot do that.  I will go to this church but I won't go to that church...  I will allow God to use me now but not then, there but not here,etc."  

God is a anywhere, anytime and any place God!...By h…