Update from Richard

I can't say much....but I am so excited!!!  I have found a couple who is helping me to edit and self publish my book!!!!   I knew I was supposed to write a book in 2012 when I started my blog. I didn't know what to write or how to start...At the time I remember being very discouraged. But I grown so much as I have been blogging ever since that time...I cannot wait until you can see the finished product!!! God is going to do great things. I am believing I am going to be catapulted into ministry as well.  Just you wait and see. I may be quiet in a crowd, just give me a podium and watch and see God's overflow as I proclaim liberty to the captives! You may even see some Vlogging going on in the blog!  Just up until a couple of days ago I have never heard the term vlogging. It is video blogging! I am going to be a busy man in those days!!! I am believing great things for this old man...hahaha!   I am not say for sure when the book will be published.  I will keep you updated as the time draws near!

Richard T Hicks