All this time...

I have never thought or ever conceived,

that You were just a whisper away.

You are the air that I breathe and the sun upon my back.

All the gentle ways you remind me that you are near

just blow my mind.

like the humble touch of Your hand

or Your strong enduring embrace

when the storm rages all around me

I do not have to be afraid.

But so many times I have felt Your touch

So many times I have pulled away

Yet You have patiently waited for me.

I draw near now my Master and Lord

I do not want to run and hide

Help me to abide...

as the vine 

is to the branch

Your Presence is so strong

your lovingkindness so true

You will never let me go...


  1. This is so precious Richard--I loved it because you really personalize grace in a way that is palpable, simple but so poetic. I love your writing! Lish


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