Tis The Season...

Jesus is here at the very entrance, knocking on the very door of your heart.  Is there any reason within you that would not allow you to open up that door?  You can trust Him... He loves you with an everlasting lovekindness and desires to lavish His grace upon your life. He did not come to accuse or condemn you to hell...His blood flows free for you and me.  We can embrace that Cross. It is attainable if you just let Him be your Savior and Lord.

There is a lot of mixed feelings right now in the world all around us...I think if you watch the news you can get that info...instead I want to point and encourage you reading this to seek His righteousness right now.   

I pray for Jesus to renew and revive our joy in this holiday season...  

Can you find it in your heart to allow His Holy Spirit to visit you in a special way to use you in a supernatural way this year?  Let Him take control of those situations that have "brought on those bittersweet blues."  It's okay to grieve but not okay to dwell your life away on things you cannot change....some things are beyond all control.  

Give it all to God, and watch him turn your sorrow into joy! It is really okay to celebrate this holiday season, it's not going to hurt you one bit to be jolly!!!

Do not be a scrooge this year, allow the Holy Spirit to help you find that joy you have been missing.

So many people have let bitterness eat their holiday Spirit away. Bitterness is one of those weeds that need to be plucked out of your soul...So many have allowed it to take away a joyful spirit. It's time to take off that gloom and doom. You can not stuff it away either. YOU have got to make a change inside your heart...with God all things are possible!! "Don't say I can't but I can!"

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength....Phil. 4:13

When the weight of the world 
is heavy on your shoulders,
and the things of this life...
 are too hard to handle,
take a look at the Word,
and don't say I can't,
with God as your witness
He'll make you strong to take the test

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
I can take all things that the world has throws at me
With God as my witness I can stand faithfully
if I trust in His Word
Then Christ
will strengthen me...

Richard Hicks
Tis the Season...


  1. Wonderful to read this today, Richard. You have the gift of encouraging and uplifting people! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


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