Get Right, or Get Left!!!!

I know that the gospel message is simple but yet profound in all its glorious value. Jesus means the world to me, and I want you to get right with God before it is too late. I want to see you on that day I go to see the Father in Heaven...

Jesus was crucified on that cross and suffered horribly for you and me.  He was beaten and spat upon, and tortured beyond belief. Yet He went through it all for you and me to be free from bondage to the hell and the clutches of the devil.

He was not thinking of "Himself" one bit...HE didn't feel sorry or have a pity party for "himself" but took those beatings for you, and did not say a word. HE didn't cuss or crop a attitude because He did not like what was going on.....HE did not turn His gaze away from us....

JESUS took it all upon His body and soul. YOU have to know He was in great pain...yet He sacrificed it all for us. His body was broken beyond recognition.....for you and for me.

HE died on that cross. His lifeless body hung on that cross, but the story is not over by the slightest. The story is not over by a long shot. 

He was gloriously resurrected out of that tomb by the power of the Holy Spirit.

How soon we forget about what Jesus did for us. No, I am not a Easter or even a Christmas Christian. Just going to church on Easter and Christmas is what I mean. How soon we forget what Jesus did on the cross for us.  We should desire to serve Him every second of every day!!!

JESUS took away all your sins and set you apart, IF, you believe in Him and have opened the door  of your heart to Jesus. It doesn't matter how you pray the prayer, let HIM in...HE is still reaching out with arms open wide even still today...beyond what is going on today in this world system around you.....

HE is LORD OF LORDS and KING OF KINGS...are you a so called Christian, and caught in bondage of the devil??? HE is calling out to you to come back to Calvary's Cross!!! 

I would hate to think thought I had it altogether and going to hell....YOU AIN'T RIGHT...There will be people going to hell who "think" they are Christians...paying their tithes every Sunday. There will be deacons and elders and shudder to think that there will be preachers who will be carried away to hell!!!!  SO you better know that you are going to heaven, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

IF you have any doubt that you are not going to heaven, it's time to get on your knees and call out to Jesus to save your soul from HELL!!!!!!

I will always remember this saying, Get right, or Get Left!!!! It's time to stop playing church and get back to the gospel of Jesus Christ!!!!

Stop playing around and start believing...coming back the Cross and giving your heart and soul to JESUS one hundred percent.

Being a true Christian is serious business.....

IF you are backslidden from God, sense Him calling you back to the Cross....back to the empty tomb and lift your hands to Heaven and REPENT for you disobedience. letting the Holy Spirit take over, submittting to JESUS, and HIS WORD.

Father, I pray for this reading this very strong message...Jesus come LORD, you know my heart has been rekindled, and longs for your return for your bride, YOUR church....I pray that you are still in the soul saving business. Please use this message to wake someone up before its too late.
I pray in Jesus' name by the power of the Holy Spirit, Amen.