Prayer for Saturday October 21, 2017

Dear Father, I come to you this day knowing I need your touch. I know I need your Holy Spirit to make it through the day. Come and fill me up with all of Your Spirit Holy Father, help me to overcome sin and temptation this day to settle with my self leading this day. I allow you to lead me this day Lord God by the power of Your Holy Spirit.  The same power that raised Jesus from the dead. Raise up this dead body and breathe your Holiness into these nostrils, that I would not lead in my own initiative but by Your Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead!!! As I lift up prayer requests this day may Your intercession come forth. I lift up my family and relatives, I lift up government officials and I lift up pastors and churches in this area. I loose your warring and ministering spirits of grace--angels from the portals of heaven throne to do what they are assigned to do in Jesus name!!! I speak forth revival in churches in this county Father God, bring us to your knees for that is where true revival comes forth for this nation. I love you Jesus more than ever, USE ME for the furtherance of your Kingdom message. Use this blog to bring others to victory in this thoughts and lives Lord Jesus by the inspiration and power of Your Holy Name by the power of Your Holy Spirit!!! I humble myself before Your Presence, I fall at your feet Jesus give me more of you Holy God!! I want to your presence to be in my home. Take away all self, as I make you LORD of my home in Jesus name I bind the enemy where he has attempted to tear this family apart. Let you Kingdom come Your will be done in this home in Jesus name!!!