Prayer for Saturday 10/28/2017

Thank you Jesus for your grace this day. Bring me into a deeper place in you, call me into that hidden place in you. Keep me from the entanglements of sin that this world attempts to snag me into. I bind the enemy from my life in the name of Jesus. Satan you have no place or right to be here, I command you to leave in Jesus name. HE has given me authority over you and your demons. Father I ask you to pour out your Holy Spirit,  Your grace, Your love and your presence upon me this day. Let your Kingdom come, your will be done this day. Help me to spread your Word and your presence upon my family. Help me to see with your eyes to hear with your ears, and to know your heart...your heart beats for your bride to come forth. I pray that your bride prepares herself in the name of Jesus.

Father this time of year is upon us. People are giving satan the power but YOU CRUSHED him putting him UNDER YOUR FEET!!!!

Its time for us to worship Yeshua in the power of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus.