Good Day!!

Today is a good day for me. It is the first day in a while that I have spent some real quality time with Jesus in spirit and in truth. Just lifting my hands in the air as a sign of complete surrender and worship of my heart to Him has always brought His presence into the room....

We don't need a church experience to get back with Jesus. He is with us everyday in everyway. All He is waiting for is complete surrender of our souls to Him. All He needs is an atmosphere that submits to the presence of His Holy Spirit.

I think today has been a big revelation for me. You see, I thought I had lost my unction and anointing to write for the Lord.  On the contrary, Jesus anointing has always been with me all this time, but I have allowed sin to block my way.  Jesus is the anointed one and I need more of His Holy Spirit.  He would not lead me this far and just fade in the distance. 

He is ever ready help in the time of our need for Him. He knows our need before we even ask him. I thank Him for this day and a fresh new start on the journey with Him as My Lord and King!!!

What else can be said right now? I love Jesus so much, he has brought me through the fire and the storm and firmly established me in His grace!!  

Come Holy Spirit and invade everyone reading this blog post.  Ignite our passion to write for the glory of Jesus.


More to come in the following days!