Even in the Tough Times....

"Whoever said that being a Christian was supposed to be easy?" I believe many have fallen to the wayside, thinking "this is just way too hard for me, I will just go back to the darkside."  That is exactly what the devil wants you to do....The Word of God says that The Christian life is through a very narrow path and few find that path and stick on it....It also says the easy way is going the way of destruction!!  We cannot get out of difficult times there is no shortcuts. If there is you can about bet that the devil himself created that shortcut! There is no short cuts to the narrow way of Jesus, you have to stay on course and allow His Holy Spirit to make those hard decisions!!

Life will happen.   The enemy of our souls will throw you hurdles and difficult situations over and over again.  Will you react the same way or will you submit to the Spirit of our Lord Jesus with overcoming victory, gaining the crown of the overcomer!!! That should encourage us and get us happy wearing that crown  running the race and triumphing over the enemy.  

Like most folks, I never listened to the wisdom of others when I had the chance, and I learned the hard way that following Jesus is the only way to life and peace and happiness.   We make the choice not to listen or follow God when the going gets tough. I have learned some hard lessons, just like we all have. Is it not the time to "abide" in the vine? For Jesus is the vine and we are the branches! Stick with Him in the hard times!

We all struggle with the temptation to sin, some times we fall hard other times we rise in victory in Jesus. God gave us a free will, we make the choice to keep God in our life or shut him out of areas in our lives.  I want to encourage you today, to open up to the ever present God, dont close the door when he is knocking. Allow His Holy Spirit to take control of you heart and soul!

We make the choice to put him in a box, we make the choice to worship God on Sundays but deny him the rest of the week. Have you heard the rooster crow? One, twice, and three times!  Are you really listening to what God has to say?

God will place people in our path to warn us, not to prophecy doom, but to wake us up. I pray that God wakes us all up. It's too close to the end of the movie to be dozing off. The most exciting part is the end because Jesus is coming back for us.  Do not take Him for granted let Him have Hiw way!

A new day is dawning, and I pray that we take the hands of our brothers and sisters,  and help those along who need help to get back in the race. I pray that by my writing you will experience all have the Father has for you!  God gave us the amazing ability to help restore one another in the faith. My gift is through my writing, and I  hope you are blessed by it! I love you in the Lord Jesus and want you to be all that He has intended you to be!

Are you at the point where you want to throw in the towel and give up on God,  or are you looking to Him to meet your needs and help you through the hard times?

He will be there for you but He is not going to force feed you. A broken  and contrite heart He will not despise. Allow your heart to be willing to receive the treasures of His grace.

That's not saying you will have it easy that's saying "His grace is sufficient for me, even in the hard times, I am going to trust Him to get me through to the other side. I will not turn my face from you Jesus when all hell breaks loose in my life!! Even in my weakness Jesus, you are the strength in my heart of hearts, I will take hold of Your nail scarred hand and you will pull me though all difficult times of my life!!!

Jesus, I ask you to help me and guide me by Your Holy Spirit. Help me to sell out to you one hundred percent. I take the time right now to get my heart right with you. I ask you to help me focus my life on You one hundred percent!!!  I ask these things in your most precious and awesome name, JESUS, Amen!!!


  1. Another great devotion! You have a wonderful gift for writing!


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