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Kick Worry Out of Your Mind.....

"Trust in the Lord with all our hearts..."  Proverbs 3:5 

     I believe the opposite of trust is worry  When we worry, we take on situations that only God is meant to handle, they become great weights and unnecessary yokes upon us.  We need to learn to release those things and trust in the Lord. I know by experience that is easier said than done.

     Our great God and Father created us with a supreme destiny, and the Lord Jesus is more than capable of handling all of our past, present and future.  In fact it was all nailed to that cross. We need not to carry our sins, we can let them go as we ask God to forgive us, and give ALL our hearts to Him 100%!   He did not create us to waste our life away with worrying.

     If you are continuously worrying, it robs your mind of peace and you lose sight of trust in the Fathers love and grace. Worry will attempt to take a 'backseat' in your mind, then rear its ugly head when you go through a rough time.   You have to demolish t…

Wrestling with The Devil.....

Like it or not, if  you are a Spirit-filled believer in Christ Jesus...You are in a spiritual war. The moment you made Jesus the Lord and Savior of your life, you were girded up for battle with everything  you need to fight with to the finish defeating the devil and his minions!!!

God has given you the strength in Christ through the Holy Spirit to win the war. You see, the devil makes it his mission to make you "think" you are fighting a losing battle. On the contrary our sins died when Jesus died, and when Jesus was resurrected we too were resurrected we too were victorious triumphing over our enemies. You might be saying about right now, "I have no enemies."   Yes, you do! You have the devil and his demons to contend with!

We are in a spiritual wrestling match with Jesus Christ' arch-enemy...Lucifer himself, and he is not giving you any mercy!!!  If he is Jesus' enemy he is ours too as believers....The devil has brought out all the strong artillery...every …

Why are You Here??

Why are you here on this earth? God has strategically set you up in the place you are in for a good reason.  No one else can fill your shoes.  No one can tell your story like you can.  You hold the keys to that door. You have the power to open that door, or close it... The keys to the kingdom are not hidden from your sight.  Jesus went to the grave to get those keys for you. Don't hide your story from those around you...

     There are doors that only you can open.  Don't you think it is time to stop trying to hide from the world around you?  As a christian you are not of this world. Let your light shine so that the people around you will see that the hand of God's blessing is upon you.  They will be drawn to the light inside you. That light is Jesus!

     When you accepted Jesus as your Savior, you let Him, by your own choice, into the door of your heart.  Now is the time to not shut Jesus out of your life, He can do so much in and for you!  It is never too late to open the…

Prayer for Saturday 10/28/2017

Thank you Jesus for your grace this day. Bring me into a deeper place in you, call me into that hidden place in you. Keep me from the entanglements of sin that this world attempts to snag me into. I bind the enemy from my life in the name of Jesus. Satan you have no place or right to be here, I command you to leave in Jesus name. HE has given me authority over you and your demons. Father I ask you to pour out your Holy Spirit,  Your grace, Your love and your presence upon me this day. Let your Kingdom come, your will be done this day. Help me to spread your Word and your presence upon my family. Help me to see with your eyes to hear with your ears, and to know your heart...your heart beats for your bride to come forth. I pray that your bride prepares herself in the name of Jesus.

Father this time of year is upon us. People are giving satan the power but YOU CRUSHED him putting him UNDER YOUR FEET!!!!

Its time for us to worship Yeshua in the power of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus.

Prayer for Saturday October 21, 2017

Dear Father, I come to you this day knowing I need your touch. I know I need your Holy Spirit to make it through the day. Come and fill me up with all of Your Spirit Holy Father, help me to overcome sin and temptation this day to settle with my self leading this day. I allow you to lead me this day Lord God by the power of Your Holy Spirit.  The same power that raised Jesus from the dead. Raise up this dead body and breathe your Holiness into these nostrils, that I would not lead in my own initiative but by Your Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead!!! As I lift up prayer requests this day may Your intercession come forth. I lift up my family and relatives, I lift up government officials and I lift up pastors and churches in this area. I loose your warring and ministering spirits of grace--angels from the portals of heaven throne to do what they are assigned to do in Jesus name!!! I speak forth revival in churches in this county Father God, bring us to your knees for that is w…

God has Crushed Your Rocks!!!

The Word of God says to leave all your needs at the throne of grace. That includes your worries for the future. You can not handle the future on your own.  You need God to handle what you are not supposed to or equipped to carry on your own.

I get the impression some of our burdens we carry through life are things that we were not capable of carrying on our own, I see those burdens as bags of rocks that we carry on our shoulders walking on this journey-road through life. Your abuse can be a burden that you carry on through life.  It was never intended that you have to live with any trauma that was directed toward you at a young age. I believe Jesus died on the cross and  He desires to take that hurtful abuse-those burdens of hurts done to  us- and smash them into pieces like those rocks you see. You see the names of those burdens upon those rocks of misuse and mistrust and rejection and neglect.  We are crushed under the weight of these burdens, God has a great anointing for those peop…

Daily Prayer

Dear Father,

I thank you for this day that I dedicate to you. Let Your Presence surround me. I ask you to fill me with your Holy Spirit. Stir up the gifts within me so that I can be a effective minister unto you mostly. I love you and praise you for this new day to serve you.  Help me to shine your light to a lost and dying world. Help me to be all that I can be for your work to be done through me. I come to you and ask that your grace take over my life. I submit to you Jesus and to the Word of God this day.  Please forgive me  of my disobedience and rebellion toward you. I submit to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Please help me to do what you have called me to do as I yield to Your Holy Spirit.   Please move me with Your  presence...Do not let me move or speak without  you leading me this day.  That is my hearts desire. Mold you and make me into your image. I pray in Jesus name. Amen. 

Refine Me!!

    The last thing we need to do is give up on God when things get rough and tough. I know that some of you are thinking, "Well I know this already!"

But not all of us are on the same path and maybe need to hear what I am saying. My prayer is that this post points you in the right direction and that is to the Cross of Jesus Christ.  I know at one point I had to ask myself these tough questions.   I am talking to those who don't know, that satan has lied to and told them that they will never measure up to the the man or woman they should be in Christ Jesus.

The last thing we need to do is turn our back on God and go our own way instead of His.  Why do we do it then? Why do we decide to go it alone?  Why do we put up walls even with God and think we can survive in this world that He created?   We need to depend on Him all the more than ever. 

I don't want to get sucked into the things of the world.  The Word of God says that satan is the god of this world, and sin and str…

Even in the Tough Times....

"Whoever said that being a Christian was supposed to be easy?" I believe many have fallen to the wayside, thinking "this is just way too hard for me, I will just go back to the darkside."  That is exactly what the devil wants you to do....The Word of God says that The Christian life is through a very narrow path and few find that path and stick on it....It also says the easy way is going the way of destruction!!  We cannot get out of difficult times there is no shortcuts. If there is you can about bet that the devil himself created that shortcut! There is no short cuts to the narrow way of Jesus, you have to stay on course and allow His Holy Spirit to make those hard decisions!!

Life will happen.   The enemy of our souls will throw you hurdles and difficult situations over and over again.  Will you react the same way or will you submit to the Spirit of our Lord Jesus with overcoming victory, gaining the crown of the overcomer!!! That should encourage us and get us h…

Prayer for the day

Jesus I know that you have come down by Your Holy Spirit in these last days and you want to establish our hearts in you. Help us to abide in you and in Your presence. Keep us close and never let us go. Hold us and heal us of all that would attempt to rob us of your great joy and peace. Nothing is impossible, we can experience true happiness as we give our soul completely to you.

Give us strength against the enemy of our souls.  Help us see that it's not people that we are coming against but that it's the devil that would bring us down and drag our hearts into the dirt. With the power of Your awesome Holy Spirit we can rise above and gain the victory.  

Help us to be all that you have called us to be.

Will You Be Rejected At The Cross

      We can come into a awesome place of grace at Calvary's cross...The Cross of Christ is a true place of complete sacrifice. Yes, Jesus died a very cruel death.  What he did is unimaginable for some of us to conceive.  The cross was laid bare, the blood stains were there. What a holy and pure transaction of pure love for you and me.

     For He was thinking of you, Yes "YOU."  He loved you so much that He sacrificed His very life giving it all up for you.   Do not ever take that not think He will ever reject you if you come to Him. He wants you to come to Him humbly. He wants to hear your heart's cry.

"Whoever said that Jesus would reject you if you come to Him?"  Jesus would never reject you.  He deeply loves each one of us and desires us to walk in the sincerity of the light of His truth up to the Cross of Calvary. 
    Jesus will never steer you wrong, if you come to Him,  He will take great joy in leading you in paths of righteousness for H…

Good Day!!

Today is a good day for me. It is the first day in a while that I have spent some real quality time with Jesus in spirit and in truth. Just lifting my hands in the air as a sign of complete surrender and worship of my heart to Him has always brought His presence into the room....

We don't need a church experience to get back with Jesus. He is with us everyday in everyway. All He is waiting for is complete surrender of our souls to Him. All He needs is an atmosphere that submits to the presence of His Holy Spirit.

I think today has been a big revelation for me. You see, I thought I had lost my unction and anointing to write for the Lord.  On the contrary, Jesus anointing has always been with me all this time, but I have allowed sin to block my way.  Jesus is the anointed one and I need more of His Holy Spirit.  He would not lead me this far and just fade in the distance. 

He is ever ready help in the time of our need for Him. He knows our need before we even ask him. I thank Him for t…