I have some great news for you that are committed to reading my blog.  I am in the process of writing a book using my autobiography and popular posts in my blogs. In fact, I have 50 pages so far and 12 chapters!  

It looks like the topic will be spiritual warfare (deliverance) and mental health using the name of this blog as the title of the book.

As far as publishing goes I am undecided at this point.  That is where I really need your prayers. I am not too familiar with formatting my word processor correctly to go to a publisher. There may be some money involved to get that done. One company is CreateSpace.com   

For now I am concentrating my time and energy on the book more than blogging. I never dreamed that this would finally be happening. I know the Lord has guided me here and this will probably be the beginning of my ministry that I have waited to come into fruition for so long.

Thank you all and God Bless! I will keep you all updated.  I know the Lord is going to move swiftly. I am believing and claiming the right doors to open as I boldly go forward with what God has calling me to do.