It's About Time...

     I feel very compelled in my spirit right now. My book has come to a halting stop. The logistics of formatting a book is very overwhelming. Yet I feel an urgency to share  my story in hopes of helping others in the recovery process.  I have been doing research tonight. I joined NAMI tonight. It stands for the national association of mental Illness. and they have a group in greenwood mississippi which is 30 miles from where I live. I feel like God has a faith based ministry for me. Im not talking about going to church, I am talking about taking a stand and letting my voice be heard. I have overcome so much since my first breakdown at 22 years old.

     I am not saying that I am 100 percent healed or cured, I still have to take my daily dose of medication.  I do not feel medicated. If anything I feel passionate about what I have been through to help others in the process of getting their lives back. I have been retired from the workforce since 2002 and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I don't see me going back into the workforce and starting all over again at ground zero!!!

     I dont think I am in a season of waiting but a season to stand up and do what God has called me to do!  Have you ever felt like that? A urgency to get on the ball and get going!!!  I feel a call to the pastor transpiring very soon. That is my first step in the right direction I believe.

I will keep you posted....I will still publish my book. but I feel 67 pages is a good finish for my first book! I may have to pay to get it formatted the way I want it to look. I am not looking to rack in the bucks but to get my story out there so that it can help others.

Can I ask you to say some prayers for me please? I want to obey God and not man.  Tommorrow may be too late!!!

Happy Trails,


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