Its Time to Shout!!!


Even when life seems like hell, they will be those times when you don't really have any options. In those dire times, we have come to the edge of a cliff of our life and there is no one else to turn on our long journey. In that critical time, it is very important to remember that God has not failed you.

    He will direct you and guide you in a most supernatural way. when it seems the end is near and you are ready to throw up that white flag,  It is then and there that you need  to realize your only hope is in God.  Do not look the other way, where gloom and depression abide...Close your eyes and give a call out to God.   Where ever you are at in life, it is time to SHOUT.  Find a quiet time and place to really ask God for His help.  It is not the time to hold back, it is time to close your eyes in faith and jump that cliff!!

When you passionately cry out to God he will send His ministering and guarding angels. Yes I said angels. I believe in angels and I pray that the person reading this will come to a deep revelation of God's angels that are out to rescue and protect  and minister to them in the mighty power of the Holy Spirit.

     I am a quiet person but you know what?  When I really need Him, you better believe I am finding that place to give a shout to my God !!! I believe that He can send angels to help and rescue me, 

He can loose us from our shackles that have us bound, so that we can move forward with God.

I believe in crying out to Him.  I have been at that cliff many times with no life or light in sight!! Just because you are going through a dark time doesn't mean you are on the wrong road. God just wants to show up during the night time of your life with His glorious light!!

 You just have to trust him and JUMP!!  It is high time that the saints of God cry aloud to God and to lock in on their core faith and see those things that are not as though they were!!

     He will always willing to show out his supernatural power, he is so ready to pick you up and hold you in his arms and to help you continue on in you journey.  He is going to take 'good care of you.'

      We may not get our answer that easy.  It will take time to get back up but you have loosed Heaven's Hosts on your behalf in the process of calling out to God our Father....just keep moving in the moment in the pace with Holy Spirit. He will never leave you nor forsake you!!

     We must cry out to Him with all our hearts. He will rush his warring and ministering angels to our aide. 

     Sometimes we just have to get loud, sometimes we have to break out of our shell and the walls that has surrounded us, and get into that place where we can really call out to God for help.  We will witness many walls falling down on our behalf  just like the walls of Jericho!!

Father in Heaven, I thank you that you have given me the victory as I call out to you. You have heard my cry and You have sent out reinforcements. I loose your warring, protecting and ministering Angels of God from Heavens throne around me, my home and my family and friends in Jesus name I ask, decree and pray in the most Holy Name above all names, Amen. 


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