Faith or Fear?

     When you know what you should do, and do that, it brings pleasure and glory to God.  As His children, it is an opportunity to grow in the his awesome grace. When you don't do what  you know God is telling you to do, that is rebelling against what God has put in your heart to do.   Are you allowing fear to control your life by not following your heart? For many years I walked in that fear. It stifled me and cause me to isolate in my own house for many years before I moved to Mississippi. I was bound up in fear, and only got out to go the store in the early morning hours...

     Satan would like to drown you in that fear. He wants you to stay fearful and doesn't want your faith to grow... Satan knows if he can make you "feel" stuck in a rut, he has you just where he wants you. As long as you are not a threat to him, he knows that  he can cause depression and all sorts of malady's to befall you to make you feel stuck.

     God wants you to grow not only in Him but in relationships with others as well. He wants to get your out of that spiritual rut, and grow as you take those steps in faith. It is not going to be easy, but as you step out in the faith of God, that courage will empower and draw you out into the delivering hands of God. You can have that freedom in your mind...It does not mean that ole devil is not going to try to throw his thoughts back in your face.  As long as you are alive you will struggle, so stand firm against the schemes of the devil and cast those thoughts down in the name of Jesus!

     Just like when we were a young baby learning to walk, we would fall down, and get right back up.  We must remember our Christian walk is the same; we have to learn to walk in God's Spirit.  At times we are going to lose our balance and fall, but we bounce back---we don't stay in one place but we keep moving forward in the knowledge of God.

     You know some of us have a lot of knowledge in the Lord, but something is missing when you don't apply that knowledge to your own life and walk with God. 

Father, I ask you to release that knowledge of God that is beyond the surface of our hearts to empower us to make bold and courageous moves in Your Kingdom and in our own lives. Help us we pray to not get in a rut, but if we do feel as if we are in a rut help us to see with the eyes of faith your delivering hands reaching down for us, and putting us back on our journey with God, In Jesus' name we pray, Amen


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