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Faith or Fear?

     When you know what you should do, and do that, it brings pleasure and glory to God.  As His children, it is an opportunity to grow in the his awesome grace. When you don't do what  you know God is telling you to do, that is rebelling against what God has put in your heart to do.   Are you allowing fear to control your life by not following your heart? For many years I walked in that fear. It stifled me and cause me to isolate in my own house for many years before I moved to Mississippi. I was bound up in fear, and only got out to go the store in the early morning hours...

     Satan would like to drown you in that fear. He wants you to stay fearful and doesn't want your faith to grow... Satan knows if he can make you "feel" stuck in a rut, he has you just where he wants you. As long as you are not a threat to him, he knows that  he can cause depression and all sorts of malady's to befall you to make you feel stuck.

     God wants you to grow not only in Him bu…

The Grestest Weapon...

When we kneel in prayer, no evil force can even stand against us. It must crumble and disintegrate before the presence of Jehovah... As we yield and submit our lives to God humbling our hearts, He takes over the situations and circumstances around us and works them out for our good.  Can you imagine the warfare going forth in the spirit realm for the person or persons we are praying for?  Our carnal minds just are not able to grasp what is really going on behind the scenes.

      It does not matter how you kneel just so you do it.  "I see a vision of a person yielded and humbled before God. I see a person kneeling before God. and I see a golden sword wielding around this person who is intently gazing upon the face of God tearing out his heart intently praying for God to move... "

     I just looked up the word wielding in the online dictionary and there are two really good definitions:

1. To handle (a weapon or tool, for example) with skill and ease.
2. To exercise (authority or…

Its Time to Shout!!!

Even when life seems like hell, they will be those times when you don't really have any options. In those dire times, we have come to the edge of a cliff of our life and there is no one else to turn on our long journey. In that critical time, it is very important to remember that God has not failed you.

    He will direct you and guide you in a most supernatural way. when it seems the end is near and you are ready to throw up that white flag,  It is then and there that you need  to realize your only hope is in God.  Do not look the other way, where gloom and depression abide...Close your eyes and give a call out to God.   Where ever you are at in life, it is time to SHOUT.  Find a quiet time and place to really ask God for His help.  It is not the time to hold back, it is time to close your eyes in faith and jump that cliff!!

When you passionately cry out to God he will send His ministering and guarding angels. Yes I said angels. I believe in angels and I pray that the person readin…