Where is Your Safety Net?

     It is amazing to me when the Holy Spirit brings me a topic for a blog because sometimes I must admit I have to go to the dictionary to define what I "see" in my  heart.

A vision I am seeing in my spirit is a person someone walking a tightrope way up high in the air. From there I get the words "trapeze artist."   I google trapeze artist and I see all these acrobats twirling in the air and flying though the air. Then I wonder what a trapeze really is cause frankly I have no clue. Well, I get the images pulled up to see that a trapeze is a swing way up high in the air. People can actually develop this acrobats as a skill? Yes is the answer I get.

     In Christianity, our faith could be compared to being a trapeze artist or a tight rope walker.  We are not by far skilled as at anything at first. But God has called each one of us to be skillful in whatever gifts we have been given. We are babes at first and always will be children of God. In time He develops us into spiritual maturity. I must insert in God's time-frame of course, and not ours.  I believe some of us get caught up in spiritual growth and not keeping our eyes on Jesus. He is the one who helps us grow up spiritually!

      Anything we put our hands to has to be developed in time. The more you walk in faith, the more you walk fully into the ways of the King. 

     We cannot be perfect we are going to fall but the more we apply our life to the scriptures the more we develop until people see Jesus in our eyes and in our life.

    I think of the time in 1991 that I had a very bad fall at a electrical plant.  I always had a fear of heights. Working on a coal stacker you would think that I conquered fear. NOPE. I still am not very steady and unsure of ever climbing a ladder ever again!

     What I am trying to say is we cannot allow falling to stop us from getting up and moving into the things of God. 

     Its a good precaution to always have a "safety net!!"  It is a good thing I had Jesus and His angels that blustery day in 1991. But as Christians of any age we have to allow the church to be our safety net!  What is a safety net you might be asking. It is a net that catches you when you fall....

     The saints of God should make up that safety net. Even a trapeze artist can have a bad accident without a safety net and so can a Christian. We as the church will be held accountable to some degree, I believe...to cushion that fall and to help us back up as much as God leads us to.

     Father, I pray for the person or people who needed to read this now in this minute. Help us all to understand and hear with the ears of our heart. Open the eyes of my Heart Lord. to understand this message, in Jesus name I pray, Amen