God's Inner Healing


     If you take the opportunity to look at the above description on my blog site I have taken the time to address the theme to something that is heavy on my heart this season of my life and that is God's inner healing. 

I believe that we can have inner childhood wounds so deep that we live in so much turmoil inwardly. At least I know that I do, and God has given me the courage to admit that. We run, we hide, we dodge God to be best of our ability. That inner child within us desires to come forth.

This goes for men too as well as woman. That childlike part of us is hidden under many layers and masks in our adult life. You, yes you know exactly what I am talking about. Those wounds go very deep and the hurt so real in life that we think that part of us has died.

I say its time to revive that child hood innocence, and that is only going to happen by have real quality time with God.

     God's love runs deep and strong for you and you alone? Do you know just how much He wants to embrace you and take all your hurting away. 

     I believe inner healing can only take place in Holy Spirit's ultimate time frame. Seeking to walk in His footsteps. None of our footprints are the same. They are all different but they never should be walking away from God but walking toward the open door to that healing.

 Seeking out intimate Godly relationships with the people around us. So many people are hiding from real relationships. Superficiality is not going to make the cut in the book of your life on Judgement day....Did you do what counted the most by allowing that inner child to be whole and healed.  Not only in us... but in those around us.

     We have got to give our hearts back to our maker. Jesus Christ.  He paid a great price for our healing, and did it all for us by dying on the cross of Calvary, then being resurrected the right hand of the Father in Heaven. He wants to live in your heart in child-like faith.

Living the Children life does not mean that we stop living! I hate to say this but I would hate to think I was one of the walking dead.  Yes, we see them zombies taking over the earth on television. Do we really think the Christian life is all about??

     Our hearts can be damaged at any age, and sometimes it may take years to find true consolation. I believe that can happen in your life.

     No, it is never easy to go through hell. You may have gone through a traumatic time as a child or young adult.  You may have had a abusive mate or parent or both.

     I believe in God's grace. Not only in singing the famous hymn but God's grace goes much deeper than any soul wound we can ever experience. I believe His healing grace will come forth and show you a glimpse, a vision of you as a whole person.

     "We are not given the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind" 2 Timothy 1:7  This scripture from the Word of God rings more true in my life than it has in the very beginning.  

Paranoia is a destructive plague that had me bound in so many areas that I must battle with every second of every minute.  For many years my life was on hold. I pushed it all aside and pretended to be someone that I was not.

    Now Jesus is my only hope, my only peace.  Such tranquility holds my heart in place. Without that grace, I would be in a mental asylum today.

I have the scars to prove it can only be the Lord. If you could only see my heart and what I have been through. But you can not see it unless you look deep enough...

Am I there? Have I arrived at my final destination?  I do not want to say that the journey is easy...its not!!  But the very breath of God can ignite a passion for Jesus deeply within your soul. You will not be afraid to sing, It is because of Him, because He lives I can face tomorrow...

I am a survivor alright and I give all the glory to God. Am I perfect. NO MA'AM AND NO SIR. But I know what higher power I serve.