Kicking Against the Goads...

     Have there have been periods of time in your life when it felt as if you were literally wrestling against God himself.

     God wants us to submit to His plan for our lives. Why is it at times that we even fight against His purpose for us?

     Even if we do not intentionally want to fight with God there will be times where we will struggle against  God's unseen forces.

     But why would we do such a thing as struggle against a force that are for us and not against us?

    I believe God desires for us to mature and go to the next level....We become nice and secure in our comfort zones but that is just where the enemy of our souls wants us to be... compromised and settled back into a lackadaisical lifestyle.  

The enemy does not want  this nation to have a revival, he knows it must start within you and me... He doesn't want you to go to the next level, but sometimes you just might be fighting in the flesh, and not gaining victory in the Spirit.

     You may not want to leave what seems to you as a nice and safe place...but to gain a blessing we must be willing to take on the angel of the Lord.

God wants to give us a inheritance and we may have to fight for it to come into the physical realm. He may even desire to give us a new name!!

Jacob wrestled with a angel in Genesis 32:22-32.  The account states that the renaming of Jacob as "Israel", meaning "He who struggles with God."  

He spent the night alone on a riverside. There, a mysterious being—considered to be an angel or God himself—wrestled with Jacob, even striking him painfully in the hollow of his thigh.

Jacob went to the next level in his walk with God and it was not a easy task...

What does it really and truly mean to submit to God and stop resisting him.  The word of God clearly states that we should submit to God and resist the devil.

Submitting is defined as yielding or giving over to the power and authority of another. In this case the power and authority of God.

There are several ways I believe that we can submit to God:

1. Seeking Him in prayer

2. Reading  and meditating on His word

3. Attending the local church where the word of truth is proclaimed.

These 3 ways might seem trivial to you but these things are very important to God.

I believe if we submit to God in these three areas it creates a Godly covering over us. Why fight these things if they are protecting and creating the promised blessing in our lives.

In Acts 26... Saul was "kicking against the goads?" I believe he was resisting  and wrestling with God.

Goads were typically made from slender pieces of timber, blunt on one end and pointed on the other. Farmers used the pointed end to urge a stubborn ox into motion. Occasionally, the beast would kick at the goad. The more the ox kicked, the more likely the goad would stab into the flesh of its leg, causing greater pain.

Saul’s conversion could appear to us as having been a sudden encounter with Christ. But based on the Lord's expression regarding his kicking back, I believe He wrestled with God for years, prodding and goading him.

I believe the words and works of Jesus haunted him. More than likely, Saul had heard Jesus teach and preach in public places

The more Saul resisted …the more he suffered. The harder he kicked … the deeper the goad drove into his flesh.

I know I have covered a lot in this post. Contemplate and graze on these things and seek God if there are areas in your life where you are fighting against Him. It could be a real eye opening experience as you submit to the nail scarred hand.