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Kicking Against the Goads...

     Have there have been periods of time in your life when it felt as if you were literally wrestling against God himself.

     God wants us to submit to His plan for our lives. Why is it at times that we even fight against His purpose for us?
     Even if we do not intentionally want to fight with God there will be times where we will struggle against  God's unseen forces.

     But why would we do such a thing as struggle against a force that are for us and not against us?
    I believe God desires for us to mature and go to the next level....We become nice and secure in our comfort zones but that is just where the enemy of our souls wants us to be... compromised and settled back into a lackadaisical lifestyle.  
The enemy does not want  this nation to have a revival, he knows it must start within you and me... He doesn't want you to go to the next level, but sometimes you just might be fighting in the flesh, and not gaining victory in the Spirit.
     You may not want to leave wh…

The Year of Fruition: 2017

     I usually have a end of the year message for the next year and here it is January the seventh.

     The words that stand out clear in my mind is that...This is the year to avoid procrastination, moving into those desired callings that we have put on the back-burner.   Moving in the Holy Spirit will usher us into a season of fruition. In other words 2017 will become a "year of fruition." as we stand firm and "do" what God has called us to do. Even taking baby steps to get there determines the outcome of a great destiny! God may have ordained The Way...we need to see it and walk in it without procrastination...

   To be honest, I really did not know the full meaning of fruition. What I found is three definitions that tie in on what I feel like God is saying to me, and I hope to everyone reading this:

1.  Attainment of anything desired; realization; accomplishment.

2.  Enjoyment, as of something attained or realized.

3.  State of bearing fruit.

     When we go ahead an…