Prayer for God's direction

You would think that I had no problem talking when you read my blog posts.   But I am all around a very quiet guy. I don't know why I have a tough time contributing to a conversation because its not that I do not wish to be a part.  My wife and I don't even have many deep conversations, she can be pretty quiet too.  A lot of times though it is more about being in each others presence...than how many words we contribute...

     When I have something to say I say it and that is just about it...I do talk to God, we have many conversations...I do believe we communicate on a divine Spirit to Spirit level.  To the human eye I guess you might say you probably could not tell, I am just very reserved and quiet. That doesn't mean I do not like to be around people.   

     Back in my twenties and early thirties believe it or not I did sing a lot of solo's in church and even had chances to bring a sermon a time or two. These days they are far and few between. At times you might say I am curious how I would do these days behind a church podium.  I keep thinking that it would be good for me to give my testimony in front of the church that I attend. I feel that when I do that its going to take my calling in a whole new direction... 

     This whole blog was started with the concept that these are my sermons I would preach if I were a preacher...I do not really think that I am called to be a pastor.  Many years ago when I attempted to go to college,  I remember making my only A and that was in speech class. I have not gave up on the aspiration of writing a book of my testimony.  I believe that they will go hand in hand to form my ministry.  

So, I ask for your prayers on making some headway in writing a book. It may not be a best seller but I feel that it would bless some people, and put me just where I am directly in the will of God for my life...

Thanks and Take care,
Richard T. Hicks