Catting Around...

April 2nd 2008


wrestling and playing tag

being picked up by any human more than 10 seconds

Favorite Toy:
Papercat tunnel, toy triangle, small cat toys with catnip inside

Favorite Nap Spot:
On any ledge in the house, or unless their owner is in the computer room.

Favorite Food:
Purina's dry cat food

Rocky is definitely the leader of the Pack, if it wasnt for his friendliness at a very early age, the other brothers would not be as tame they are.


I believe that Rocky was the very first kitten that made contact with his human owner. I believe he was Miss Momacat's first son to be born. He was the only kitten that would come up to my feet and lick and bite my toes. OUCH! Rocky and his brother's like to cuddle to my feet and nap and sleep when I am on the computer. Rocky has a distinguised blue collar that sets him apart from the rest. He is the leader of the pack,and Smoky follows close behind his brother. They are a little on the aggressive side, and has got into so much mischieve that they cannot go into the livingroom/kitchen are without human supervision. Blacky is always close by momacat. Sometimes washing her. Not too far behind her at all times.....UPDATE: Smoky and Blacky are now outside cats. Getting into the spiritual side of things. Some time I feel like I am observing a pack of wild lions. It is really neat to watch this family of cats grow over the days and months. I am reminded of Daniel in the Bible who was thrown into the lions den. I could not even imagine being thrown in a pit with 3 or 4 hungry growling lions. When the palace gaurds looked down in the pit, It does not say but i feel like He was petting those lions. Can you imagine the astonishmentof the guards who were watching over that pit. They were actually there to witness and testify Daniel to be torn of shreds by those lions. Imagine the expressions on their faces when they looked into the pit? They may have saw Daniel actually playing around with tame lions. What a reminder of a great story. I believe one day in the future we will be able to witness seeing the lions sitting with a lambs.