A Little Witchy--2nd Place level 1 FW competition

The house next door looked distinguished and eerie. It was the only house on the block that was two-story. It was Victorian style, seeming as if it were transported from somewhere back in time. The yard was unkempt with ivy vines that climbed the outside of the house. Bobby's spine tingled; continuing to stare, he knew that this house was haunted. His family was new to this neighborhood. He was seven; his little sister Lucy had just turned four.

Before sunset, Bobby decided to get Lucy from the toy room to show her the ‘evidence.’ “Come and look, Lucy.” She proceeded to follow Bobby to the large window in the dining room. In amazement and fear, walking across the front lawn of the old house, they saw a witch. She wore a tall black hat, a black coat; slightly bent-over as she walked with her cane. She even had two black cats following her.

“What more proof do you need Lucy? My friend Billy from across the street told me that she was a mean old witch who screamed at his friends when they threw a baseball through her front window.”

Though Bobby only saw her from a distance he was able to see enough detail so that she looked very scary and threatening, like an evil witch would. While they were still looking out the window, she suddenly stopped, turned and looked over in their direction, sneering with her missing teeth. “She's seen us,” exclaimed Bobby, ducking down, he pulled Lucy with him.

It was Halloween and mom was busy getting their hand-made costume’s ready. Bobby was going as the ever courageous Superman; Lucy wore a sparkly Cinderella outfit. That night they had fun going to the different houses getting their candy. Finally, it was time to go home. As they walked by the house with the witch, the front porch light suddenly flickered on. 

Bobby spoke quivering, “Mom, do we have to go to that house? We saw her today and believe she is a wicked witch” 

Mom smiled, “Bobby, be the brave young man I know you are. You and your sister, go knock on her door.” 

“Come on Lucy, she is giving those other kids some candy.”

When they got up to the door, Lucy broke free of his hand gripping hers. “I’m not going," she ran back to mom.

Bobby stood there all alone, knees wobbling, as the door slowly creaked open. The elderly lady peered out from behind the door and smiled. "Here is some candy; give some to your sweet sister.”

Bobby was amazed as he stood there wide-eyed with his mouth open. 

Unexpectedly the lady motioned for his mom and sister to come closer. “Please come in and visit for a spell, I want to get to know my new neighbors.” Their mysterious neighbor now guided them down a hall into the quaint, and quiet subdued living room. “My name is Eva Rhodes; welcome to the neighborhood.”

Lucy abruptly spoke up, “You’re a witch, aren't you?” The kids were silent anticipating the answer. Eva and Lynn, the kid’s mom, started to laugh. 

Speaking sweetly Eva said, “My dear, I saw you and your brother peering out your window today. I smiled and waved at you, but just as I did, you disappeared out of sight. The neighborhood boys know well enough not to cross my path. They pull pranks on me all the time and I am well aware that these boys think I'm a witch. However, I assure you kids that these boys have jumped to wrong conclusions about me. I gave them a good talking to; they need to learn that they can’t treat people this way and get away with it. I am harmless and wouldn't hurt a fly, I don't bite."

Bobby and Lucy were giggling by this point as they were getting sugar-rushed from eating so much of their candy. Bobby and Lucy now saw that though she was firm, she was kind and all their fears seem to vanish. She even invited them to her church on Sunday. That Sunday, Bobby’s family did go to Eva’s church. As the kids went into their Sunday school class, they recognized the teacher, it was Eva, the woman the children thought was a witch. She hugged Bobby and Lucy. She was dressed in white – definitely not a witch. That Sunday she taught about not being afraid because God is always with you.