Intimate Friendship

Have you ever met a person that has many friends?   There is no stranger in their eyes. He  is a true friend of friends of friends, and is there for them through thick and thin.  He is the "give you the shirt off their back" kind of friend.

A true bond or spiritual kinship does not just leave you high and dry or drift away in the night.  They are steadfast to stay the duration. Personally, I do not believe in seasonal friendships. That is a sure sign of a weak friendship. I am talking about the type of friendship that distance doesn't hamper or hinder the bond that you share in Jesus.

Recently, I was thinking about intimate friendships, and the Holy Spirit reminded me of Jesus and His twelve disciples. What a intimate relationship they must have had with the master of the universe who commanded the storms to cease.  He truly is our best friend and as close to us as He was with His disciples, but as a person with flesh and blood as myself, who has been a introvert for so many years you develop a vulnerable neediness, a loneliness for close friend.  Someone you trust who can you can be real with, and will stick around no matter what.  No walls built up... for you are the friend that Jesus would be to the other person to be healing and kinship.

I have had the privilege of having 2 online friends that were guys that I consider over and above the call of brotherhood and friendship. No time or distance can come between true friends. They have both deceased. 

Some of us shy away or reject anything that remotely requires intimacy. To them it is not a sign of manliness looking through worldly eyes   That is what keeps or hinders having a close bond with others. I was recently asking God what my deal was and why I didn't have any close friends, and His answer was very simple and clearly that I have a root of rejection in my life.  I believe that we have hidden roots from childhood trauma.   I was rejected at a young age and erected a personality of walls built up around me that no person could penetrate. It was like with the enemies help I crafted around me a quiet and shy personality because of some type of childhood rejection...maybe from a parent or sibling or maybe even a childhood friendship. I believe a true intimate friendship can bring true healing to your soul. I dont want no part of working with the dark forces, I want to walk in the light of Jesus and have friendships that honor Christ.

Knowing root issues give the Holy Spirit assess to reconstruct and restore those deep wounds inside of us. As for me,  The Lord is breaking down those walls so that I can have intimate friendships. 
I am excited about that. I have had no friendships outside of the internet during my life, and the Lord is opening those doors, as I lay my life and open my heart before the Lord in a whole different capacity.  He knows our deepest needs and desires to bring them to the surface.

Maybe you don't have friends...maybe you are needy for true intimate friends. My prayer is that you break down the dividing walls that would keep you bound up and isolated.  My prayer is that you would make yourself available and watch God open the doors of friendship for you in Jesus name!


  1. This is so wonderful, Richard! Sharing your thoughts and experiences will be so helpful to others reading this! All we have to do is ask and the Lord will provide deeper friendships in His way and time.He never lets us down!


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