Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Wonderful Sighs of Life

      I used to love to go to Mawmaw and Pawey’s house in Smackover Arkansas.   They were my mom’s parents; they got ‘pinned’ with those names early on because as toddlers, my siblings and I had trouble pronouncing ‘Mamaw’ and ‘Papaw.’

     Smackover sounds like a hillbilly town, but it was far from it.   It was a quaint, nice-sized country town that they lived in, off of the highway.

     We lived twenty-five miles away from Mawmaw and Pawey in a town called Camden Arkansas. This allowed us to be able to visit every Saturday, as well as every Thanksgiving and Christmas during my growing up years.  Their house was an older home with three bedrooms, a living room, den, and a double carport; my cousins and I used to play under that carport on real live cast-iron cars that rode around like bicycles.  

     I especially loved to go to Smackover in the spring time; it was like stepping into another world.  When I would get out of the car, I would immediately smell the giant Magnolia tree’s lemon-scented blossoms with its big white blooms.  Mawmaw had a beautiful yard neatly arranged with many varieties of flowers.  I imagine it was like stepping into a botanical garden at a state park.  I still remember the scent as we kids would be running around the house about our play. They even had a big pecan tree out front, while in the back Pawey had the biggest garden I’d ever seen which he tended to on a daily basis.  The wonderful garden grew a variety of string beans, squash, and tomatoes, too many to name, all through Pawey’s tender loving care.

     While I was playing in her yard I would have to be very careful of the wasps that were hanging around the flowers. Seems like I would get stung on occasion, and Mawmaw could always doctor me up with a baking soda mixture, as well as Dr. Techinor’s  antiseptic preparation which she used to treat my mosquito bites. 

     I found the inside of  Mawmaw’s and Pawey’s home with the antique dresser’s from my mom’s childhood to be just as alluring as the magic of the grand Magnolia, their hearty pecan, and the beauty of their outside gardens.   The closets had their special smell of cedar and mothballs.   I was always meddling in there, finding interesting toys and old pictures.  I would find colorful post cards and sometimes Hot Wheels race-cars.

     My mom would always scold me, “Bubba, stop meddling,” but I couldn’t help myself with my investigative nature.   I really believe Mawmaw would put little goodies in those dresser drawers and closets just so I would find them. When I asked Mawmaw concerning ‘whatever it may have been at the time’ if I could have it, she always said yes.

     The smells of Thanksgiving and Christmas would come and go throughout this old house over the years, yet their aromas have lingered in my memory.  I especially would remember the deliciousness  of a smoked turkey and savory dressing that penetrated the air during those special times, and how could I forget my very favorite dessert made from our home-grown pecans; pecan pie!

     I can still smell the deep fragrance of this precious home deep in my soul, and even the images of Mawmaw and Pawey are etched in my mind, and will be forever.   Remembering my Mawmaw and Pawey helps me to respect and appreciate the simple things in this life. Mawmaw always had such a big heart.   She was always smiling and laughing with such a carefree spirit about her.  She had a big hug for me and told me that she loved me every chance she got.

     As I got older, they would come to our house on Friday, and we would go to their house on Saturday. We did that for many years. She would always bring a full grocery bag which consisted of Lemon cookies, Little Debbie’s, and a Three Musketeer’s candy bar, my favorite.   Of course, there were always many fresh and colorful vegetables from Pawey’s garden.

     Heaven will be a special place because I will get to see all of my relatives like Mawmaw and Pawey who have gone before me. It will be a glorious reunion as we bask in the presence of our Heavenly Father and tell the treasured stories of long ago.  Jesus was truly there during those early years, as I remember in childlike wonder.
Note to reader:  I found this link on Dr. Techinor’s special medicine while doing research for this story, and yes this is my own personal story.

Faithwriters Writing Competition Stories

Hey dear readers,

I have been in the progress of transferring my writings from my old blog to this new one. It is really unbelievable that I have been writing consecutively since 2012. Folks that was 4 years ago. I want you to know that if you desire to write then God can fulfill that passion of your heart.  A big majority of the blog post here at Sacred Grace, are rewrites and re-edits from my old blog postings.

For a good year I was in the writing competitions at Faithwriters. I hope to get back to that someday, but for the next week I will be posting some of my old entries to this blog. I hope to close down that blog someday. I have already shared two of the stories in this blog. You may get up to two stories a day, until I get them posted. I pray this will not be a inconvenience to you. Just bear with me, for about a week.


Stand Up and Fight

It is so easy to get in the flesh, living out our fleshly nature.  But that is not the way for a true born again spirit-filled Christian to live...By the Spirit of God inside of us, we put to death the deeds of the is that simple.  We cannot fight the fleshly desires by staying in it but by allowing the Spirit of God that resides within us to overcome by the blood of the spotless lamb. We are the temples of the Holy Spirit.  We should not be full of carnality.           

     We have to push through the crud by the Spirit of God. We have a real live threat and that is Satan and his forces of darkness. If you doubt the spirit-realm and it's reality you will always fight a losing battle, You have to identify who your real enemy is, and that is not a human being.  You also have to recognize your victor and that is Jesus Christ. He is the Lion of Judah that resides in our hearts that gives us bold victories!  I pray He can reveal these truths to you.

     I wish I had known this when I first became a Christian. You cant brush things under the rug, you need the full truth of the word of God.

     The enemy of your souls wants to dig up as much dirt as possible on you. Why? He is out to destroy your character. All the godly characteristics in you are from God. You know full well what they are. The righteousness of God resides in each one of His children!  We have no goodness or righteousness on our own. The Scriptures say that our righteousness is as filthy rags to the Lord.  

     Satan wants you to look at your sin, and throw in the towel. He wants you to take the easy way out and grovel in the mud and mire. He doesn't want you to move on, he wants you to stay in  your corruption...

     God wants you to look at His Son and what He has done. Through Jesus Christ we have been delivered and set free from the darkness of hell into God's marvelous light! We have been brought by the price of the spilled blood on the cross of Calvary! This is not a small thing, but it is a giant deliverance from the grip of the prince of darkness! We should not have any problem looking and lovingly putting the lover of our souls first place in our life. It's when we have lost sight of this is when the enemy comes strong to distract us... that we need to give the victory completely to Jesus. He will stand strong and bring us forth as Champions!

     To sum it all up, I want to say, "Stand up and fight!" Do not let the enemy run all over you with past sins and mistakes.  Trust me He will bring out all the artillery.  Stand-firm and steadfastly fight the fight of faith! and watch the enemy and his minions flee from your life!  You will not regret it.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Intimate Friendship

Have you ever met a person that has many friends?   There is no stranger in their eyes. He  is a true friend of friends of friends, and is there for them through thick and thin.  He is the "give you the shirt off their back" kind of friend.

A true bond or spiritual kinship does not just leave you high and dry or drift away in the night.  They are steadfast to stay the duration. Personally, I do not believe in seasonal friendships. That is a sure sign of a weak friendship. I am talking about the type of friendship that distance doesn't hamper or hinder the bond that you share in Jesus.

Recently, I was thinking about intimate friendships, and the Holy Spirit reminded me of Jesus and His twelve disciples. What a intimate relationship they must have had with the master of the universe who commanded the storms to cease.  He truly is our best friend and as close to us as He was with His disciples, but as a person with flesh and blood as myself, who has been a introvert for so many years you develop a vulnerable neediness, a loneliness for close friend.  Someone you trust who can you can be real with, and will stick around no matter what.  No walls built up... for you are the friend that Jesus would be to the other person to be healing and kinship.

I have had the privilege of having 2 online friends that were guys that I consider over and above the call of brotherhood and friendship. No time or distance can come between true friends. They have both deceased. 

Some of us shy away or reject anything that remotely requires intimacy. To them it is not a sign of manliness looking through worldly eyes   That is what keeps or hinders having a close bond with others. I was recently asking God what my deal was and why I didn't have any close friends, and His answer was very simple and clearly that I have a root of rejection in my life.  I believe that we have hidden roots from childhood trauma.   I was rejected at a young age and erected a personality of walls built up around me that no person could penetrate. It was like with the enemies help I crafted around me a quiet and shy personality because of some type of childhood rejection...maybe from a parent or sibling or maybe even a childhood friendship. I believe a true intimate friendship can bring true healing to your soul. I dont want no part of working with the dark forces, I want to walk in the light of Jesus and have friendships that honor Christ.

Knowing root issues give the Holy Spirit assess to reconstruct and restore those deep wounds inside of us. As for me,  The Lord is breaking down those walls so that I can have intimate friendships. 
I am excited about that. I have had no friendships outside of the internet during my life, and the Lord is opening those doors, as I lay my life and open my heart before the Lord in a whole different capacity.  He knows our deepest needs and desires to bring them to the surface.

Maybe you don't have friends...maybe you are needy for true intimate friends. My prayer is that you break down the dividing walls that would keep you bound up and isolated.  My prayer is that you would make yourself available and watch God open the doors of friendship for you in Jesus name!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Silent Prophets, "Come Forth!!"

     There have been so many times over the years that I have held back in giving a prophetic word to the body of Christ, thinking I was not good enough to give a word to the church...

     I ask God to forgive me right now for not standing up and giving that Word, even If I have to give it from where I am standing... 

    I have held back so many words that should have been spoken and have been disobedient in giving words to the church.....God does not honor or bless disobedience. He blesses His messengers with hope and courage and boldness to be ready to speak His Mighty Word!!  He desires us to follow hard after Him...declaring the Father's very own words!!!

     After a while of being hesitant the enemy comes to you telling you you have blown it and messed up so much chances that God will never use you again. That is wrong and a lie.

     God wants you to rise back up on a even greater passion to give the words of God to the body of Christ, so many need to hear what you have to say, don't let man and man-made programs stand in the way!!

     I see a greatness and boldness coming over those who prophesies...No one will be able to resist the prophetic word of God coming from the mouth of a prophet that has been silenced for so long!! It will be like a great desert rain washing over the parched body.  Yes rivers of living water will come forth once again...

     I adjure you to come forth into all that God has for you.  For your gifting's and callings are irrevocable!!  Especially if you are called to prophesy!

Nothing can Separate Us...

 No matter what you have gone through on this earth since the day you have been born - can rip you apart from the Father's heart. He has...