Keep It Out!!

     Worry seems so far from trusting God at times. That is because that are extreme opposites.  When we worry, we take on situations that only God is meant to handle.  They become unnecessary yokes upon our shoulders that we cannot easily get rid of.  We need to learn to release those things and trust in the Lord's divine timing. I know by experience that is easier said but it can be done in the Lord's great grace. More than likely we are fretting over things in the near or distant future...and can daily attack us and learn us distraught...tossing and turning endlessly in the night.

     Our great God and Father created us with a greater destiny than we can't even imagine!!  Jesus Christ is more than capable to handle all of our past, present and future, as we hand all our worries completely over to Him.  

     In fact all the doubt and anxiety was all nailed to the cross of Calvary. We need not to carry our worries all alone, because they weigh us down and give us heavy hearts...We can let them go as Jesus did not create us to waste our energy with worrying because it can get to us spiritually as well. He took it all upon Himself at the cross so we wouldn't have to.

     If you are continuously worrying, it robs your mind of peace and you lose sight of trust in the Fathers love and grace. Worry will attempt to take a 'backseat' in your mind, then rear its ugly head when you go through a rough time.   You have to demolish that stronghold of worry.   That can only be done by the powerful anointing of God's Holy Spirit. He can and will grant us trust and peace instead worrying in the midst of the storm.

     If you do not let God deal with worry and fear they will work together daily to make us miserable and stagnant in our faith and trust in God.  Kick worry out of your mind like a sack of garbage. Has it not tormented you long enough?!!  

I believe the Lord is saying to some of you that, "It is time for you to rest in the Lord with all your heart!!" I believe this can only be done by abiding in the grace of God!

    God would have us to step out into all he has for us with "all our hearts" not just a part. His grace is greater as we walk in faith and trust in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..

Why can we not trust God in the hard times?  Why do we have fear and worry? God is speaking through this message for you to once again put your trust in Jesus.  It is time for you to take His nail scarred hand as He leads you.  Do not let go, but trust God no matter what.

     We cannot trust a little bit, it is 'all or nothing.'  Satan can come and steal the little bits of truth, and before we know it we are right back where we started with worry at the center of our universe. That is a sure indication that we have placed ourselves in the enemy's territory especially our minds.  We cannot just halfheartedly trust the Lord to get us by, because there is always something around the corner where we will have to have a greater measure of trust and faith to get us through. 

Father in heaven, we come to you and ask you to break the yoke of worry that is upon our minds. It has corrupted our soul. Help us! We cry out to you!!  Help us to move into a supernatural dimension of faith and trust in you that sweeps our mind clean. Empower us by Your Holy Spirit I pray, and lift up those reading this right now. Help us all Lord to quit worrying, and kick it out by the power of the resurrected Christ!  We demolish that strong hold of worry in the mighty name of Jesus...We  trust Jesus in a deeper level with our whole heart, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN!


  1. Yes, worry and anxiety really means we lack trust in the Father. He created this world and the countless stars in space. He rose His son from the dead and I believe He's able to handle whatever concerns me today. Thanks for a great post! Keep shining that light!


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