In Memory of Jason Hubal


     This is a time of honoring his life and to rejoice for Jason Hubal who has been set free from the shackles of this life...

"Jason was a friend to many, and this is the way I want to honor our friendship.."

     We spent many hours chatting about everything under the sun...our chat windows were always open. I cannot wait for the day that we meet in Heaven. He is gonna get the biggest "Bubba Hug!!"

"There is nothing I can say or do, but give the spotlight to you Jesus."

For it was you, Jesus who gave Jason and I this precious time of friendship...  

If it were not for you Jesus we would have never crossed paths... 

     We would have never known the presence of each others company either when we were chatting or when we were quiet, Jesus was always there in our chats...

     These songs are dedicated to you my brother and my friend. 

Nothing or no one can take away or diminish our friendship...ever. 

You are in a much better place. I will miss you a lot, but I also celebrate you being with our King most of All.


  1. Richard, I am just now listening to these two perfect songs that you chose to honor Jas--"He will Rise" and "Friends are Friends Forever" Praise God that Jason is free; that we will see him again and that one day I will get to meet you both in person with Jesus smiling from ear to ear. Thanks for this tribute Richard. I so enjoyed it. I didn't understand though why the newest entry seems to be June 6th and I just got this in my inbox today... Have a great week, Lish


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