Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Are you a Offender?

     I don't think a Christian should make it their mission to offend others, and then be proud of it.  Our speech should always be with grace, seasoned with salt. Our conversation should be Christ centered and pointing to the resurrected life of the empty tomb.

     I would hate to think that I said something to make someone so offended that they stumble and fall away from the grace and glory of God. No where in the bible does it say that we are to offend our brother or sister in Christ but to wash their feet.  The greatest among you will be their servant.

     I myself have been so offended by people in the body of Christ that it made me turn away from serving God. While it is true that we should not have our eyes on people in the first place, we should lead them back through our own repentance, leading by example of bowing before the presence of the Father in heaven.

     Some people twist the truth of offending others and then make great boasts that their group or church is better off without those souls, thus we have groups and churches in small numbers(?). Our mission is the great commission. Remember our commission is to make disciples not break them with our version of the truth. We should not get into the habit of pushing people out but bringing others back into the fellowship and body of Christ.

     I also read in the bible that with the measure you judge others, you yourself will be judged.

     We are not called to be callous truth tellers. but to represent the church with the Spirit of grace, letting the word of God convict and change the heart of others. 

     I think that you should rethink your lofty position and bow before the feet of Jesus.

Luke 17: 2 states that it is better for him if a millstone were hanged around his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Moving on Up...

     How can I help others to move forward in their walk in Jesus Christ?  That seems to be the theme of this blog as stated above.  It is my desire to help others through my writing. I pray that God leads those people to read my blog who are ready to get up off the ground level and move on up in their relationship with God.  If one person is moved and encouraged to get back up with the help of God, then His will has been done.

     All of us have our seasons of successes and failures. That doesn't mean that we are failures.  Many of us are troubled with complications and addictions. Some of us struggle with severe illness. What ever has come against you or got you down. I want you to know that you can pull forward with God's help. Nothing in this world and flesh can stop you from going forward.

Hebrews 12:1-3 Since we are surrounded by so many examples of faith, we must get rid of everything that slows us down, especially sin that distracts us. We must run the race that lies ahead of us and never give up. We must focus on Jesus, the source and goal of our faith. He saw the joy ahead of him, so he endured death on the cross and ignored the disgrace it brought him. Now he holds the honored position—the one next to God the Father on the heavenly throne. Think about Jesus, who endured opposition from sinners, so that you don’t become tired and give up.

     When the Bible tells you to get rid of everything, God's words means what it says! If it distracts you from the race that is set before you, then get rid of it. Nothing can stop you, unless you allow it. Sin and sickness cannot stop you...if God is for you, then who can be against you?

     Moving forward is really not all about religion and being religious. When you are being religious and get knocked down you don't have any power flow or source. Obeying the commandments cannot help you give you power for living, but it shows how weak you really are!!   "For you are not under the law, but under grace!!"  In our weakness He is strong..

     When you place your heart in Christ's hands you have resurrection power.  The spirit of God is your complete energy source and eternal life. It is all about relationship with the master of the Sea, the water walker Himself, Jesus Christ!!  With Him, you can walk on rivers, lakes and oceans...

The Spirit of God renews your faith, can give you strength and even yet, give you the grace that only God our Father can bestow on His beloved Children!!

     Maybe you have turned your back on God. My brothers or sisters I know from experience that is very disastrous!  Turn back to Jesus your Savior!  Even if you are wounded, even if you are tired, and lonesome...even if you are weak.  We cannot allow the enemy to drag us down in his gutter!

God wants to lift you up on the highest high, where the eagles fly!!

Father I pray for those right now, that are reading this message....Lift them up in healing grace, releasing them...let them fly again. If they don't know you as their Lord and Savior, reveal your glory to them, that they will know your love, Your  beautiful life and Your amazing grace!! In Jesus name I ask and pray, Amen!

Richard Hicks


Saturday, May 21, 2016

In Memory of Jason Hubal


     This is a time of honoring his life and to rejoice for Jason Hubal who has been set free from the shackles of this life...

"Jason was a friend to many, and this is the way I want to honor our friendship.."

     We spent many hours chatting about everything under the sun...our chat windows were always open. I cannot wait for the day that we meet in Heaven. He is gonna get the biggest "Bubba Hug!!"

"There is nothing I can say or do, but give the spotlight to you Jesus."

For it was you, Jesus who gave Jason and I this precious time of friendship...  

If it were not for you Jesus we would have never crossed paths... 

     We would have never known the presence of each others company either when we were chatting or when we were quiet, Jesus was always there in our chats...

     These songs are dedicated to you my brother and my friend. 

Nothing or no one can take away or diminish our friendship...ever. 

You are in a much better place. I will miss you a lot, but I also celebrate you being with our King most of All.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Do you trust in the Blood?


      The life flow that ran through the body of Jesus Christ, who was sacrificed at the cross of Calvary did not dry up in a grave and is no more.  The most powerful force that can ultimately free us from the chains of sin and death did not die forever. It is alive forevermore and through it we obtain our deliverance and salvation. It is the blood of the Jesus that washes us and gives us victory over sins.  

     As the song goes,"Oh the blood of Jesus, that washes us white as snow!"   The blood is like soap to our souls.  It is a deep cleaning agent of all our sins and impurities. Its cleanness is compared to the whiteness of snow.  When we accept Jesus into our hearts, His blood goes to work. We can rest in faith in the finished work of the cross of Christ in our heart.

God showed us that Christ is the throne of mercy where God's approval is given through faith in the blood...In his patience God waited to deal with sins committed in the past. Romans 3:25

Our past life has been annihilated through faith in the blood.  Through the blood of God's son, we are set free from our sins. God forgives our failures because of his overflowing kindness. The past is washed away in the sea of God's grace of forgiveness and forgetfulness.  We have been reconciled  with God by Christ's blood sacrificed on the cross Colossians 1:20

Since all of these sons and daughters have flesh and blood, Jesus took on flesh and blood to be like them.  He did this so that by dying he would destroy the one who had power over death (that is, the devil).  Hebrews 2:14  The devil is the only one who will remind us of our past and try to destroy our self esteem and confidence in Christ. We have to trust in the blood!!!

He used his own blood, not the blood of goats and bulls, for the sacrifice.  He went into the most holy place and offered this sacrifice once and for all to free us forever. Hebrews 9:12    Praise God! We can go into the most holy place in confidence and trust that God in his glorious grace and mercy will bring us into his holiness by allowing us this divine access!!  Because of the blood of Jesus we can now confidently go into the holy place.  Hebrews 10:19

Without the Helper, the Holy Spirit,we will not be able to obtain this wonderful redemption.  We should daily come into the Presence of the God's Spirit, through worship and praise meditating on God's word.  The Father knew you long ago and chose you to live holy lives with the Spirit's help so that you are obedient to Jesus Christ and are sprinkled with his blood. 1 Peter 1:2

God so loved us...the destiny of His son Jesus Christ was to snatch us away from the devil.  He had to make the ultimate payment with His own blood! The payment that freed us was the precious blood of Christ, that lamb of God had no defects of imperfections.  1 Peter 1:19

Thank you Jesus for shedding your blood on the cross. Give us the revelation of this cleansing flow from Emmanuel's veins. Let us feel and receive your divine blood to cleanse, deliver and make us whole! AMEN!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Into The Presence of God...

Into The Presence of God

I want to see His Smile like the sunshine on my face...

I want to feel His tears as raining flowing down my cheek...

Oh the joy of seeking the face of Jesus and being united with Him...

of hearing His voice singing as sweet as the birds...

feeling his warmth as he shelters us with the presence of His love...

in the shadow of the Almighty I will take my refuge in Him...


written by Richard Hicks

To My Christian brother and my best bud, Jason Hub, who went to be with the Lord on Sunday 
May 8th, 2016.

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