Whispers of Worship

     God's grace is so amazing because we can come into the Savior's tender presence and feel His strong overwhelming peace and love flooding into our minds in times of need. By worshiping Him, Jesus can speak into the depths of our soul bringing us healing and wholeness

     Unmerited grace so full of mercy, brings a great humbling experience in intimate times of worship , by the Holy Spirit washing away all evil and negative thoughts. We are able to bask in the sunlight of glory, knowing that Our Father reaches into our dark minds and cleanses us with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. In such a moment is hope, healing and deliverance from those thoughts that would attempt to rob and harass us by stealing our joy.

     Freedom reigns when we come to confess our victory belongs to Jesus. The arch-enemy of our soul, Satan, would like nothing more than to distract us from seeing the full picture all too clearly. The battle begins and ends in our thought life, and until we get a hold of this, and really put it into perspective that we need to govern our own thoughts, we will live a very defeated life.

     We should do what we have to do to get into God's worshipful presence, and linger there as long as we can, being filled with the Spirit of God in all His holiness. Our thoughts will still come to test us as temptations, but if we are consumed with God's Presence it should only take a split second for negative or wrong thoughts to vanish and to clear our minds. 

Jesus is just a whisper away. The key to unlocking God's presence is letting him know how much we love Him and how much we need Jesus in our lives.  Shout it from the mountain tops and whisper it in the valleys, just let Him know how you feel!   Our God will never disappoint. He is our rock that cannot be shaken! He will be there for us when no one else will, as we speak out even in whispers of worship...

     The fruit of the Holy Spirit that is most often neglected is self-control.  It has to began in our thought life. We take control of every thought, into the captivity of Jesus Christ. If we cannot control our thoughts we need to reach out and ask for prayer. There is nothing wrong with asking for help.

I pray for those reading this now, that they will experience the fresh vibrant consuming peace from God's Presence that transcends our very minds and goes into the depths of who we are. Usher us into the very Presence of God Himself as we allow Him to deliver all thoughts that are contrary to the will of God.  In Jesus' name I humbly pray, Amen


  1. As Joyce Meyers wrote in her book, "The Battle is in the Mind." This is very Biblical for as this devotiona talks about we can only win our spiritual battles when we allow God to hold our thoughts captive because every sin has its beginnings in the mind... This is a great devotion and. There are three key things talked about in this devotional: Shouting praise to our Lord Jesus along with whispering our love to Him and coming to Him when we are lacking and asking for help. For it says in James that if we come and are in need and lack wisdom Jesus will give to us liberally. Praise Your Name oh, Lord, on high! Thank you Richard for your faithfulness in writing as I know that that is not always easy to do. Please pray that if it would please the Lord that I would be able to write for Him again or that He would see fit to take that desire from me as it has been so long since I have done a devotional, poem or story. Bless you my friend, Lish

    1. Thank you for your kind words Alicia, and I will pray that God will grant and guide your heart desires for writing to be come real in your life. I know that writing is not easy at all at times in your life it is rather difficult. But the benefits are awesome!

  2. Oh praise God...you are so right! We might start out downcast or lethargic but when we begin loving on Jesus and our Father God...BAM...the Holy Spirit takes over and we are instantly in the presence of the Living God. And you, do not, want to leave. 'The key to unlocking God's presence is letting him know how much we love Him and how much we need Jesus in our lives.' Amen!

  3. Thank you for stopping by to read this writing Marla... It means a lot! I pray that you experience the awesome presence of the Holy Spirit. Amen!


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