Helping the Hopeless...

     What can I say today that will help someone to keep going on with their relationship with Jesus. The devil may be fighting one of the readers tooth and nail, attacking you at every angle. You may be tempted to turn away from God and quit going to church. The devil may be deceiving you into quiting anything...maybe even a marriage.  Marriage is from the Lord but abuse is not from the Lord. I pray that you know God's leading and guiding you by the Holy Spirit to do the right thing.

    There may be someone reading this that is dabbling in things of the darkness. I am here to tell you that you cannot play with matches without getting burned. Do what you can to renounce the hidden deeds of darkness.  Throw the matches away and get help and get prayer.

    Maybe the church is one of the places where the enemy is attacking you. Is it possible you got hurt by something someone said to you? Whatever the case, I want to let you know is that I care about your growth as a Christian, and I care enough to tell you to please do not give up. 

     There could be various reasons that the enemy is attacking you so bad.  Just possibly the corner you are about to turn may be a great blessing, a even greater deliverance from something that has held you back.  The enemy will do his best to disquise a blessing if he is able.  In the word itself, it says that at times he deguises himself as a angel of light. It could be a wolf in sheeps clothing that is hindering you from moving on into the great things of God.

     If you cannot silence the voice or thoughts of the enemy, I want to encourage you to get help. You can find peace and solitude in your mind. At one time I could not handle the thoughts and voices that would bombard my mind.   Anything and everything will come against your will to live, I know this first hand. Seek out help. Sometimes the Lord will speak a person's name to your mind that could possibly help you. It may take you humbling yourself and putting away your pride. The enemy of your mind does not want you to seek help. He will tell you that you are weak, and that voice of pride will tell you that you are strong enough to handle the situation.

     I am here to tell you that if you are feeling attacked from every angle that the enemy has already weakened you if you are tempted to quiting your life.

     I hope these words will help someone listening and reading. Its not too late, and there are no lost causes in God's kingdom. Its never too late, and your never too old.  What are you waiting for? Do not put off what you know you are supposed to be doing.

     This is my heart and this is the reason for this blog. I have a great desire to see the wounded and bruised raised up and doing what they are supposed to be doing. In many ways I pray that this is the medicine for you to move on. In many ways I feel like the good Samaritan in the bible and that this right here is my ministry.