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Your Love...

Your Love... is like the sweet smell of a rose in springtime
or like the blue sky above
the lightning bolts crashing through the sky
or like the tallest evergreen
Your love is like being on the highest mountain
in the crisp clear air
or like the flowing of river steams
the sweet sounds of the rushing water
Your love is like a gentle baby's laugh
or running with You through the meadows green
Your love is captivating, breathtaking
like the highest fastest roller-coaster ride
You take us on the heights
soaring like the eagles
to greater places of grace
or the tenderness of Your mercy.
Come forth, lover of our soul
Come forth, lion of Judah
Come forth, everlasting Father
Drown us in the grace of Your love.

Whispers of Worship

     God's grace is so amazing because we can come into the Savior's tender presence and feel His strong overwhelming peace and love flooding into our minds in times of need. By worshiping Him, Jesus can speak into the depths of our soul bringing us healing and wholeness

     Unmerited grace so full of mercy, brings a great humbling experience in intimate times of worship , by the Holy Spirit washing away all evil and negative thoughts. We are able to bask in the sunlight of glory, knowing that Our Father reaches into our dark minds and cleanses us with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. In such a moment is hope, healing and deliverance from those thoughts that would attempt to rob and harass us by stealing our joy.

     Freedom reigns when we come to confess our victory belongs to Jesus. The arch-enemy of our soul, Satan, would like nothing more than to distract us from seeing the full picture all too clearly. The battle begins and ends in our thought life, and until we get …

Chance and Choices...

Sometimes you just have to jump.  It is not going to feel nice and cozy, in fact it is going to be downright scary. You have no choice, if you want to go on in God you have got to take some steps in faith, going into places that seem scary. God wants to stretch and bring supernatural growth into your life.

     Once you make that step, that final chance, that jump that seems like the scariest thing in your life, you will find you are flying through the heights, as the air guides you into a exhilarating stance on the mountain of God.

     You see, life is full of chances, you will see the choices you need to make and follow the one that God leads you to, you will know the route you need to go as the Spirit leads you into all truth.

     Sometimes we do not make the wisest choice.  We take a detrour, or don't stay on course. In faith, we have to move back and return to the right road, no matter how hard that may be.  Sometimes you just have to jump and allow God to catch you along the …

Helping the Hopeless...

     What can I say today that will help someone to keep going on with their relationship with Jesus. The devil may be fighting one of the readers tooth and nail, attacking you at every angle. You may be tempted to turn away from God and quit going to church. The devil may be deceiving you into quiting anything...maybe even a marriage.  Marriage is from the Lord but abuse is not from the Lord. I pray that you know God's leading and guiding you by the Holy Spirit to do the right thing.

    There may be someone reading this that is dabbling in things of the darkness. I am here to tell you that you cannot play with matches without getting burned. Do what you can to renounce the hidden deeds of darkness.  Throw the matches away and get help and get prayer.

    Maybe the church is one of the places where the enemy is attacking you. Is it possible you got hurt by something someone said to you? Whatever the case, I want to let you know is that I care about your growth as a Christian, and I…