Friday, April 29, 2016

Your Love...

Your Love...
is like the sweet smell of a rose in springtime
or like the blue sky above
the lightning bolts crashing through the sky
or like the tallest evergreen
Your love is like being on the highest mountain
in the crisp clear air
or like the flowing of river steams
the sweet sounds of the rushing water
Your love is like a gentle baby's laugh
or running with You through the meadows green
Your love is captivating, breathtaking
like the highest fastest roller-coaster ride
You take us on the heights
soaring like the eagles
to greater places of grace
or the tenderness of Your mercy.
Come forth, lover of our soul
Come forth, lion of Judah
Come forth, everlasting Father
Drown us in the grace of Your love.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Whispers of Worship

     God's grace is so amazing because we can come into the Savior's tender presence and feel His strong overwhelming peace and love flooding into our minds in times of need. By worshiping Him, Jesus can speak into the depths of our soul bringing us healing and wholeness

     Unmerited grace so full of mercy, brings a great humbling experience in intimate times of worship , by the Holy Spirit washing away all evil and negative thoughts. We are able to bask in the sunlight of glory, knowing that Our Father reaches into our dark minds and cleanses us with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. In such a moment is hope, healing and deliverance from those thoughts that would attempt to rob and harass us by stealing our joy.

     Freedom reigns when we come to confess our victory belongs to Jesus. The arch-enemy of our soul, Satan, would like nothing more than to distract us from seeing the full picture all too clearly. The battle begins and ends in our thought life, and until we get a hold of this, and really put it into perspective that we need to govern our own thoughts, we will live a very defeated life.

     We should do what we have to do to get into God's worshipful presence, and linger there as long as we can, being filled with the Spirit of God in all His holiness. Our thoughts will still come to test us as temptations, but if we are consumed with God's Presence it should only take a split second for negative or wrong thoughts to vanish and to clear our minds. 

Jesus is just a whisper away. The key to unlocking God's presence is letting him know how much we love Him and how much we need Jesus in our lives.  Shout it from the mountain tops and whisper it in the valleys, just let Him know how you feel!   Our God will never disappoint. He is our rock that cannot be shaken! He will be there for us when no one else will, as we speak out even in whispers of worship...

     The fruit of the Holy Spirit that is most often neglected is self-control.  It has to began in our thought life. We take control of every thought, into the captivity of Jesus Christ. If we cannot control our thoughts we need to reach out and ask for prayer. There is nothing wrong with asking for help.

I pray for those reading this now, that they will experience the fresh vibrant consuming peace from God's Presence that transcends our very minds and goes into the depths of who we are. Usher us into the very Presence of God Himself as we allow Him to deliver all thoughts that are contrary to the will of God.  In Jesus' name I humbly pray, Amen

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Chance and Choices...

     Sometimes you just have to jump.  It is not going to feel nice and cozy, in fact it is going to be downright scary. You have no choice, if you want to go on in God you have got to take some steps in faith, going into places that seem scary. God wants to stretch and bring supernatural growth into your life.

     Once you make that step, that final chance, that jump that seems like the scariest thing in your life, you will find you are flying through the heights, as the air guides you into a exhilarating stance on the mountain of God.

     You see, life is full of chances, you will see the choices you need to make and follow the one that God leads you to, you will know the route you need to go as the Spirit leads you into all truth.

     Sometimes we do not make the wisest choice.  We take a detrour, or don't stay on course. In faith, we have to move back and return to the right road, no matter how hard that may be.  Sometimes you just have to jump and allow God to catch you along the way.

     Let Jesus be your guide, let His word light your path...and You will fly on the mountain's heights.

     Beware of the voices that you hear from the side lines. They are not there cheering you on! Those are just old demons trying to detour you and distract your eyes. Keep them focused on Jesus.  He is at the end of the road with open arms wide.

One day you will understand all you went through to get in the place that you are at. Keep your faith strong and stay strong in His grace.

     Just this I had some down time this last several weeks. In other words depression reared its ugly head. No matter what I did i couldn't shake it, until I finally surrendered to His word and a time of prayer and worship. I am still not one hundred percent back where I need to be. But im going to get it back today I'm pretty sure of that.  With God all things are possible for them who believe in His purpose!!

Father in Heaven, give us full view of your majesty, just once glance, let us reach out and tough your grace and mercy. Lord God, take what is wrong and turn it all around for Your glory and Your Kingdom come in all righteousness and justice. Father move over each person reading this with your Holy Spirit!!! Let the words of this blog be word and truth- strength and spiritual food they need to hear in this hour, In Jesus' name I pray, Amen!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Helping the Hopeless...

     What can I say today that will help someone to keep going on with their relationship with Jesus. The devil may be fighting one of the readers tooth and nail, attacking you at every angle. You may be tempted to turn away from God and quit going to church. The devil may be deceiving you into quiting anything...maybe even a marriage.  Marriage is from the Lord but abuse is not from the Lord. I pray that you know God's leading and guiding you by the Holy Spirit to do the right thing.

    There may be someone reading this that is dabbling in things of the darkness. I am here to tell you that you cannot play with matches without getting burned. Do what you can to renounce the hidden deeds of darkness.  Throw the matches away and get help and get prayer.

    Maybe the church is one of the places where the enemy is attacking you. Is it possible you got hurt by something someone said to you? Whatever the case, I want to let you know is that I care about your growth as a Christian, and I care enough to tell you to please do not give up. 

     There could be various reasons that the enemy is attacking you so bad.  Just possibly the corner you are about to turn may be a great blessing, a even greater deliverance from something that has held you back.  The enemy will do his best to disquise a blessing if he is able.  In the word itself, it says that at times he deguises himself as a angel of light. It could be a wolf in sheeps clothing that is hindering you from moving on into the great things of God.

     If you cannot silence the voice or thoughts of the enemy, I want to encourage you to get help. You can find peace and solitude in your mind. At one time I could not handle the thoughts and voices that would bombard my mind.   Anything and everything will come against your will to live, I know this first hand. Seek out help. Sometimes the Lord will speak a person's name to your mind that could possibly help you. It may take you humbling yourself and putting away your pride. The enemy of your mind does not want you to seek help. He will tell you that you are weak, and that voice of pride will tell you that you are strong enough to handle the situation.

     I am here to tell you that if you are feeling attacked from every angle that the enemy has already weakened you if you are tempted to quiting your life.

     I hope these words will help someone listening and reading. Its not too late, and there are no lost causes in God's kingdom. Its never too late, and your never too old.  What are you waiting for? Do not put off what you know you are supposed to be doing.

     This is my heart and this is the reason for this blog. I have a great desire to see the wounded and bruised raised up and doing what they are supposed to be doing. In many ways I pray that this is the medicine for you to move on. In many ways I feel like the good Samaritan in the bible and that this right here is my ministry.


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