Trusting God...


      Trusting God seems so easy, yet it is at times, the most hardest thing we are ever called to do.   It is not just trusting God in the simple things, but it is the putting your all on the line in the most difficult of all extremes. I believe that is where the rubber meets the road.  

     I also believe it is really hard work to trust with all your might. Only by the Spirit of God can we really and truly be moved within our hearts to lay down the complete struggle of our souls, falling down before His feet, and being attentive to His call to trust the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. 

     True peace comes from laying down all cares and worries at the feet of Jesus.  Even in the simple ways, they can become mundane and cold, what is important is the lives that God would touch alone the way as we learn to trust and obey.

     Just like the old hymn says we are obeying God when we trust Him with our whole lives.

     Tonight I was on Facebook, and someone had wrote about trusting God with the lives of their children. It really touched me and brought me to tears, because God has called me to trust and lay it all down with my own kids. 

     Yes, I have not said much about my two sons on my blog. They were precious gifts from God that we were able to adopt from birth.  But I divorced their mom after being married for 12 years, when they were fairly young in age.  I feel like I really screwed up their lives and it will take a lifetime for them to forgive me. That was another time in my life where satan had a hand in destroying my first marriage.  I had a mental breakdown and would not take my medicine and was undiagnosed for many years before that.  

     I was a young child of divorce myself and I know how deep the wounds go. But I also know that in time God does help you to heal and forgive your parents.  It is not so easy that they are two states away. I can only trust in the God that I know will work things according to His will and timing.

     So I know that, God is looking to see if we are trusting in the hard things. Its one thing to say that we are trusting God, but it is quite the other to put our words into action by laying it all down, and not pick those things back up to attempt to fix things that only God can.

     I believe the opposite of trusting God is attempting to fix things in our own power. That means you do not trust that God will work it all out in His time frame.  How many of us have trust issues because we are not patient enough to wait on God's plan and purpose?

    Maybe you are having a difficult time trusting God for some things to work out in  your life.  It never was supposed to be easy, that is a lie from the devil himself. I believe there is a peace that floods your heart, when you learn to be obedient in knowing that God's ways are much higher than our ways. Learning to hear His voice in the worse of situations and to be obedient when He calls to us to lay it all down before Him. Amen.


  1. This is a wonderful devotion Richard and believe me you are not alone in the 'Trusting God beinig difficult' department. Matt and I both read this devotion and I know that in addition to this ministering to folks in general with trusting God that it was particularly helpful to those who have experienced their parent's divorce. Thank you so much for your writing & Happy Ressurection Day this Sunday!

    1. Thanks a lot, and I pray you have a blessed weekend!


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