"Put Up Your Dukes!!"

      There is such a dynamic power in the hope of Jesus Christ that enables us to freely run the race God has set before us....  Without the glory of hope we feel stifled, and have stopped seeing the true beacon of light in our lives.  I believe we can get so self-absorbed in our own sins that our lives seem very dark.  We are not confessing our sins to God ~1 John 1:9. 

     The resurrected Son of God is that shimmering ray of hope that forgives as far as the east is from the west. He renews and cleanses us from all sin giving us complete victory.

     I am sensing in my spirit how the enemy attempts to hide in the night. In those times he and his minions can thrive and run havoc in our lives. We have to be strong in the spirit to "knock out" those dividing walls with the power of might, letting the Son light up the night.

     In other words we need to prepare to fight, defending to show the world the true light of our life. Jesus defeated the cross, death and the grave. Praise God for He has been resurrected to the right hand of the Father in heaven!!  We need to share this lost hope to a dying world that needs to not only hear it but see Jesus in our everyday lives.  

     Without that surety even in dire times, we as Christians can feel stuck to what we see in the dark realm around us.  Sin infects us and infests in the night.  When we see no possible solution to our dilemma, we so often give up. we become hopeless and depressed and despondent. It is time to get our "fight back," that is going to take hitting with our best shot with that hope of Jesus and having the guts to fight that fight of faith. Satan hits us with the night, we have to hit him back with the light. The odds are in our favor because Jesus Christ saved us from our sins of the night, in the end satan ultimately loses the fight.

     Where do we get that hope then?  We learn by encouraging ourselves in the Lord, clinging to His mighty Spirit and truth. 

     It is not easy for those who feel attacked from every corner. Do what you can to run into the light. God will lead and guide you out of the night.

     Never let go of the hope that God placed within you. At times the way may be pitch black, yet just around the bend is all the things that bring hope and glory back into your life.