Scenes on The Soul..

Darkness follows the shadows of the night...

but we have the victory in the Lord's light!     

The darkness is on its way out.

Without a question 

or a doubt.


The evil one cannot taunt anymore...

The sunshine is beaming over the seashore,

 as it touches the horizon

 drying the dew on the grassy mountain.


There is a grace that will forever wash us, 

if we are willing we can be clean...

Come out of those shadows

 that would your soul cling.


Come into the fullness of the Sun's rays... 

layers touching white clouds  

radiating the blue scene, 

shining down on you...

and I.


Come to the river and wash your soul clean 

 it will change you on the inside out.

without a shadow 

or a doubt.


Let the Spirit flow...

 like a heavenly dove

filling the air with the fragrance

of Your Sweet abiding Love.


Dance in the delight of the Lord...

out of the shadows

into your majesty...

of  teh bridegroom.