It is Your Turn...

     How many of us have fallen from grace, and not got back up? We wallowed in self-pity and whined like the little piggy.  We also wondered about 'Joe' over there, who seems to be so confident, taking steady-strides in his walk with God--making life look so easy. Well, have you ever talked to Joe? You may be surprised to see that there is not much difference between you and him. He wasn't born with great confidence or that determination to keep going.

     As Christians, When we are born again into the Kingdom of God, we have to make those steps up certain mountains to get to our destination before its 'our time' to go home. God has put in your heart as a christian, certain goals and responsibilities, and we cannot give up if we fall and take ourselves out of God's will.  Not everyone has those same ambitions. We cant compare our life to Joe's life. Some of us have done that at one point in our life.

     We may step out of His will at times, but we never step out of our Father's great loving care and kindness.  No matter how long we set in the pit of despair - without realizing we fallen short of His glory...God can bring us back, just like he did with 'Joseph' in the Holy Bible.  Can you imagine what he was thinking?   God gave him a dream alright, and he wound up being thrown into a pit and sold into slavery by His own relatives, but that dream motivated and moved Him into a greater glory in God....See sometimes people treat you like you are worthless idiot, but it is them with the bigger problem.  They are not seeing the greatness of God in you, and they become jealous and resentful like Joseph's brothers did.

     Courage is taking things a step at a time and not getting ahead of God's timing.  In His mercy and grace we become all that God has desired us to be. You know, I always beat myself up when the words do not come easy with my writing, it would be really easy to step into depression and the isolation that I lived in for many years.  That guy Joe didn't have it easy at all. Imagine the rejection he felt from his own siblings.  God put Joseph exactly where HE wanted him to save the land and its people from the famine. 

     In God's own way He has made me into that man of courage. It takes guts to go to a mental health support group, to the store and sometimes even to church, but you know what?   We take it a step at a time...take a look back and see how far you have come!

     Thank you for reading this all you Joe's out there! You know who you are, and God has His hand and his anointing all over you because He will never be finished with you until the day you cross that river into glory. Thanks be to God who always leads us into triumphant victory.  I trust you will come out ahead and not lagging behind. One day I will see you at the finish line, and we will sit at the table of that heavenly marriage supper of the Lamb!! To God be the glory for the work of His awesome hand is upon you to reach out with that Godly courage and be that champion God has called you to be. AMEN!