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Receive the Holy Spirit (Testimony and Beliefs)

     I know I talk a lot about the Spirit-filled life, so I thought I would share with you my beliefs and what I have been through.

     I believe the first thing I need to tell you is that I believe that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the trinity...God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.  All three are wrapped up into one deity, but they are separate in identity according to the scriptures.

     On the night I had my spiritual rebirth on September 28, 1982 at the age of 18, I remember crying out to Jesus to save my soul. I was seeing scenes of different periods of my life flash before my eyes.  I was convicted of my sins and asked Jesus to come into my heart and to forgive me of my sins. I was raised in the baptist church my whole life, and did not know anything about the Holy Spirit. I believed there was a God and that there was Jesus.

   Several days later I was telling someone I went to school with of my experience and she told me we needed to go see her pastor.  Sh…

"Stand Up and Fight like a Man!!!"

It is high time you stopped allowing the enemy of your soul to bully and run over you! For so many years, I let the devil run all over me like a steam-roller, just because "Momma or daddy did not tell me any better."   In other words, at a certain point in your life you have got to stop blaming your parents, and be accountable to God for your own sins!!  Your soul can be so infested and your heart infected by the weakness of sin in your flesh. The enemy and His minions can be glued to you like a magnet. If no one has told you, I am here to tell  you that you are in a spiritual war and it is high time like for you to "Stand up and fight like a Man!!"

     Do you wonder at times why you fail into the same old trap of sin again and again?  The Father of all lies, will make you think you its all on you, that its your fault that you are carnal and fleshy. The devil had a hand to play in making you think that way.  Its time to take a stand for the King, and spiritually ge…

Why am I Here?

     Why are you here on this earth? God has strategically set you up in the place you are in for a good reason.  No one else can fill your shoes.  No one can tell your story of light like you can.  You hold the keys to that door. You have the power to open that door, or close it... The keys to the kingdom are not hidden from your sight.  Jesus went to the grave to get those keys for you. Don't hide your story from those around you...

     There are doors that only you can open.  Don't you think it is time to stop trying to hide your testimony?  As a christian you are not of this world. Let your light shine so that the people around you will see that the hand of God's blessing is upon you.  They will be drawn to the light inside you. That light is Jesus!

     When you accepted Jesus as your Savior, you let Him, by your own choice, into the door of your heart.  Don't shut Jesus out of your life, He can do so much in and for you!  It is never too late to open the door of y…

We've GOT The Power...

     When we humbly kneel in prayer, no evil force can even stand against us. It must crumble and disintegrate before the presence of Jehovah... As we yield and submit our hearts to God, humbling ourselves in intercession, He "takes over" the situations and circumstances around us and works them out for our good.  

     "Can you imagine the fighting going forth in the spirit realm for the people we are praying for?"  

Now a lot of Christians are saying to me, "Hold On, the battle has already been won."   My brother and sister, you can say that all day until you are blue in the face.. thinking that way and walking in defeat!! Do not be a hypocrite, for the enemy of your heart goes around roaring like a lion seeking "whoever" he may devour...That is for another blog at another time.

     Our carnal minds are not capable to grasp in the flesh what is really going on behind the scenes. We have to see what is going on in the spirit realm by walking in t…

It is Your Turn...

     How many of us have fallen from grace, and not got back up? We wallowed in self-pity and whined like the little piggy.  We also wondered about 'Joe' over there, who seems to be so confident, taking steady-strides in his walk with God--making life look so easy. Well, have you ever talked to Joe? You may be surprised to see that there is not much difference between you and him. He wasn't born with great confidence or that determination to keep going.
     As Christians, When we are born again into the Kingdom of God, we have to make those steps up certain mountains to get to our destination before its 'our time' to go home. God has put in your heart as a christian, certain goals and responsibilities, and we cannot give up if we fall and take ourselves out of God's will.  Not everyone has those same ambitions. We cant compare our life to Joe's life. Some of us have done that at one point in our life.
     We may step out of His will at times, but we never s…

Scenes on The Soul..

Darkness follows the shadows of the night...

but we have the victory in the Lord's light!     
The darkness is on its way out.

Without a question 

or a doubt.


The evil one cannot taunt anymore...
The sunshine is beaming over the seashore,

 as it touches the horizon

 drying the dew on the grassy mountain.


There is a grace that will forever wash us, 

if we are willing we can be clean...
Come out of those shadows

 that would your soul cling.


Come into the fullness of the Sun's rays... 

layers touching white clouds  

radiating the blue scene, 

shining down on you...

and I.

Come to the river and wash your soul clean
 it will change you on the inside out.

without a shadow 

or a doubt.

Let the Spirit flow...

 like a heavenly dove
filling the air with the fragrance
of Your Sweet abiding Love.
Dance in the delight of the Lord...
out of the shadows
into your majesty...
of  teh bridegroom.

Bill Yount: "I'm Uprooting Insecurity and Fear in My People" Prophetic Word from Elijah List

Hey readers, In the midst of me writing my latest blog called, "Do Not Let Fear Hold YOU back!!" I got this in my email from the Elijah List. It is very timely with what I wrote about in my blog for me and I hope it encourages you as well. I hope you take the time to read it.

God Bless,

"I'm Uprooting Insecurity and Fear in My People" by Bill Yount Feb 8, 2016

Do Not let Fear Hold YOU Back!!

    This morning the Lord spoke to me concerning fear and worry. I must admit it got really personal, because I heard God ask me a tough question and that is, "What do you fear and worry about the most?" 

     I was reminded of the scripture that I stood on for a very long time in my first years as a young believer,  and that is 2 Timothy 1:7 KJV. 

"For I has not given you a spirit of fear; but of power, of love and of a sound mind."

     There is nothing mystifying about that scripture. I looked it up to find out it means just what it says.  A lot of times we make something out of scripture that it isn't.   We just have to take the Word as the truth just as it is.    

     The one major setback I can think of is how many times I felt like God had given me prophetic "Words of Encouragement" during the Sunday morning service of my church, and I did not go to the front and give that word.  I worry that I am missing out on the purpose of God by not boldly sh…

"Alignment is Key! Plus 8 Prophetic Directives" by Ryan LaStrange & Jason Armstrong

Under Attack!!!

     Since I opened The Sacred place of God's Grace, I have taught a lot about the spiritual realm around us. Yes, I am a firm believer in Jesus and His Angels, but I also know that there is a devil and demons that war over our soul everyday. I firmly believe we must fight a daily battle for our soul when we have a true born again experience with the Holy Spirit. Yes, I believe we are in a spiritual war with the unseen forces around us.  An all out attack is proof that have been targeted spiritually because we are God's chosen ones. The enemy will pull out all stops to break our will. He knows once he does that, we are that much closer to taking drastic measures into his own hands to ensure our destruction. If we are a real Christian that has been sitting idly by in life, the enemy has you exactly where He wants you. You are not advancing to the front-line to make war against him and his demons because you are not a threat to the kingdom of darkness.

A evil person that hates Go…

Lifted Up

One dreary day in 1990, I stumbled upon a monstrous beast called a coal stacker.  In many ways it reminded me of a giant brontosaurus out of the Jurassic era.  It was a large machine in proportion, used at electrical plants to transport coal from one area to the next.  Its intricacies are even more difficult for me to describe in tangible words, because of the magnitude of this apparatus.  There were four levels with stairs to each part of this beast.  
     The grizzly boss’s name was George, and I helped him set up the company blasting machine.  It had a long hose with a spray gun at the end, just like what you see at a car wash.  This cleaning contraption had a generator and a large tank where you store the water.   When you cut the motor on the hose pressurizes, supercharging the water at an extreme force to wherever it’s aimed at.  Our task entailed cleaning the coal off every part of this looming monstrosity.  George had a bad attitude that day which added to my nervous condi…

Jan. 5 2016 --- I Am Raising Up The Unlockers --- by: Ryan LaStrange

I am Raising Up The Unlockers

Dear Readers
If you have read "A Cry in the Night --- Exhortation and Testimony"  that I posted yesterday morning and my blog post on Jan. 30 entitled "Courage to Continue,"  you will see some resemblance in some of the words in this "prophecy" by Ryan LaStrange, I believe this "Word" from Ryan is from the Lord and that I am supposed to share it with you. This "prophetic word" also resonates with me and with the "Words" I believe are from the Lord in my blog post, and I believe it will be a word for you as well.
Richard Hicks.


Afraid to move, John lay in his bed motionless at 4:00 a.m. His body ached from staying in the same position for hours, as he stared at the ceiling. With the shades drawn, the darkness seemed to envelope the entire room, including John.With all the strength he could muster, he breathed in and out in overwhelming anguish.He didn’t think he could take much more.Gloom and thick darkness filled the atmosphere.

     In the spiritual realm, Satan summoned the demons of death and suicide.One by one, they assembled around John’s bed, like mourners around a coffin.In disgust and hate, they looked down upon his struggling body and soul.Finally, one of the suicide demons in the room spoke in a chilling, sinister voice, “Kill yourself.”He motioned for the other demons.All together, they began chanting those life-defying words in unison.John could hear them loud and clear.For several months, John had listened to their taunts; each blast had drained him more and more.

     In John’s trashcan lay seve…

A Cry in the Night-- Exhortation & Testimony

     God is always working behind the scenes on our behalf. It may seem to you that He is not there or is distant. He knows us better than we know ourselves.  It does not mean that God is against you. It doesn't mean He does not care for everything that concerns you.

     What it means is that He is moving things around; aligning situations and circumstances because He wants the best for you.  You may not  hear his voice or see that right now in your life in the flesh or in your physical surroundings.

     Whether we care to admit it or not, there is a invisible and spiritual world around us. Jesus desires to bring us into His victory that He has set forth for us even when there seems to be no physical evidence of it.  God is working in the invisible realm around us to bring our deliverance into the physical realm. He is not a "convenient-store" God catering to please our flesh...or get it when we want it. He has a order and a plan. We can set up a plan but it is ultimatel…