Sweet Memories

I  have come to sit at the Master's feet,

to tell Him that I love Him

Those memories are so sweet...

of times gone by 

when I have lingered and stayed

in the Presence of Jesus the maker of my soul.


Oh the mercy I have felt

the grace to grow

in that knowledge of Jesus Christ my Lord.


Here I come once again...

hearing His sweet melody

to bask in the warmth

as He sings over me.


His heart is so true,

His words are so kind,

I long to stay

 and hear his voice one more time.


There is more than enough room

in His heart for you,

so come to His feet...

He is waiting

 for you.



  1. I love this Richard! Look at Zephania 3:17 where it talks about God the Father singing over His children with love... That is the first thing that came to my mind when I read this beautiful from-the-heart-writing! Lish

  2. Very beautiful Richard.


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