Jesus and Me...

Walking across the sea.

Storm tossed waves

of water


over me

I am walking with my King

and what a honor it is

to feel the nail prints in his hands...

I am talking with my King

hearing His voice of humbleness

Its no surprise to see a smile upon His face

His gentle but firm embrace eases my mind

I can finally trust Him completely.

I sense and feel His complete love,

everlasting grace

unending mercy

pouring into my soul..


  1. I love this -- like a beautiful flowing poem... If you want it to flow just a bit more, consider replacing the word 'boggles' with something that doesn't have as jarring a sound, then it will retain the poetic flow instead of taking it into a journal-style mid-stream. Just a though... I love the word-pictures you have created here. "Storm-tossed waves of water splashing over me." I also love the way you say that it is an honor it is to feel the nail-prints in His hands as you are walking with Him. Love how you ended it with the "pouring of His grace and mercy pouring into your soul." The picture that you found for this Richard, is absolutely perfect! Lish

    1. Thank you for your beautiful words and the editing. I was going to put "sighs" my mind, but i dont know if that makes sense.


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