God has Healing...For You!

     Many people expect a instant healing and some get it...   That is all well and good but I want to speak to those who never get a instant physical, mental or emotional healing.  

     Maybe you have been praying for months for God to heal a certain area of your life, or in the life of someone in your family, and you still have not seen the fruit of your prayers come forth.

     I am here to tell you to hold on...God does see where you are, and He has not forgotten your prayers. 

    Some miracles are not instantaneous, they take time. 

    Time to mend up the hurt...

    Time to let it go...

     Keep seeking Him!!

     Jesus can take all your scars. Bring all  your hurts to Him and according to His timetable you will see that healing come forth in His great name.  It will not be in your time.  The key word is to keep reaching out to the Healer. Take hold of your miracle and speak it into existence and always remember that you do not hold the keys to time.  

     God has ordained in His perfect timing for your deliverance, and what a testimony of endurance and praise will go to the Father and Him alone...for you reached out and trusted and leaned upon God during that trying time of waiting on Him.

    I pray for all reading this message and I pray for that healing to come forth in the name of Jesus. 

    I pray that you reach out and touch the hem of his garment and be healed. And if you healing is not instant you do not throw in the towel but that you rise up, proclaiming that you are healed no matter what. Most importantly that you do not give up in that perfect hope. Cling to the Life-giver ~For He will never fail not forsake you!!

    For God will see you through to his perfect healing in Jesus' name, Amen!


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