What are you Asking For??

     God does not give us power to use it toward selfish gain.  The only power we can display in our lives is the power of the Holy Spirit. Without Jesus we are nothing...we will float around useless and without hope, lost without any remorse.  Are your waiting to spend eternity in heaven or hell?

     We have to be yielded and empty vessels, surrendering and submitting to the awesomeness of the power of the Holy One, the maker of the Heavens and the earth.  How can we not choose Jesus Christ in our life and invite him into our hearts, and thus in our everyday decisions that we have to make. It's all in your hands, you have make the choice (no one else can do that for you)...to just read this in passing, or to take a quality decision to accept Him this day.  

     The floodgates of all that Heaven contains are always open and available to us as Christians.  The only thing that blocks His spirit from moving in your heart is the willfulness, selfishness and stubbornness and the rebellion of man.  

       If we have not the Spirit of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob we will live a defeated and powerless life.  We will never come to the point of victory in our Christian walk if we are not truly born again. 

     Do you know that you really know the Holy Spirit's power in your life?  May you be filled by the resurrection power this day... Mary knew the power of the Holy Spirit.  The Scriptures say that rhe life of Jesus was conceived within her womb. There are many signs and miracles of the Holy Spirit moving in the holy scriptures. Ask, seek and know, for you will not be disappointed.  My He fill your life each and every day!!!

     Today I am asking for the Holy Spirit's power to fill us with His overcoming grace. The scriptures say that we are as trees that beareth fruit. Where we are weak let Him be strong!!!


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