Tearing Down Your Idols...

     The end of time is closer than we know. Are we really ready for those final end days or are we taking a blind eye to what is going on around us?  Our government is a sinking ship with no land in site.  The final hour has been set in motion, and hastens toward the destination. The world is on the brink of total disaster and we are seeing glimpses of even worse pestilences!!

     We do not know if tomorrow will be our last day or not. So I come to you with this message in this hour. I hope that you do take heed, and that my words will cause you to turn from your sins.

     My message is simple..."Its high time we do what we can to tear down our idols."  

     We need to pray that God will grant us the powerful strength to demolish them once and for all...if we do not do anything, our idols will turn and crush us!

     I do not think I need to define the word "Idol." If  there is anything erected in our lives obscures our view of God, then there you go... but its way more than that. 

     Idolatry causes you to be distracted and miss out on the special blessings that God has for you! It causes  your spiritual walk to be stale and lifeless. 

     Christ did not give up His life for you to not have a life in His life!! Praise the Lord!!! Yes, we must bear our cross, but oh the joy when we finally tap into that river that never runs dry   Father I pray that the gushing waters of His Spirit would flood our soul!!

     I am speaking for myself as well...We must "tear down" those things in our life that keeps us from serving God..that causes us not to have the joy in serving God....There is such a joy I believe in truly surrendering to that call, that only God can give.

     There are many things in our lives that could serve as a idol...anything you invest more time in than being with our Abba Father in heaven.   

     Selfishness is  just one of those idols. I'm not saying that we should not love who God has created us to be. Our bodies are temples that house the Spirit of God.  When you are full of self, how can you serve the Living God?  When you are full of the flesh, how can you truly operate in the gifts and callings of God?

    My prayer is that God would now reveal those things so that you can now tear them down.  It will not be easy.  You will not be able to take anything with you when you leave this earth.  

    Some people claim that we should not have any emotions or trust in emotions. Well I serve an emotional God. He laughs and cries right along with us in our daily lives. He smiles and I gather at times He does frown. I don't want any idol obscuring my view of such a heavenly face.  I want to see all as He is.

I want to feel his smile like sun shining down on my face
I want to feel his tears like rain flowing down on his cheek
oh the Joy of seeking His face, of being with Him
of hearing his voice as sweet as the singing of the birds
feeling his warmth as He shelters us with His feathers of loving-kindness

Father help us I pray, reveal those obstacles that stand between us and you! Give us the resources we need from you Holy Word to be rid of our idols once and for all. Help us I pray to be the light that you have called us to be, do not let us hide behind the darkness of a idol...we allow your holy life and love to break through those clouds of gloom and doom to see our final destination. our heavenly home, where one day we will rest forever with Jesus!!!!


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