It is Time to GO...

     Maybe you have come to realize where you need to be in God is not where you are
at in life.

     Maybe things have become complacent and cold, and not lining up.

     Maybe your priorities are not in place.

     Maybe you dont pray and read the bible like you should.

     I'm here to tell you that God knows where you need to be in Him, and He is
going to get you there. Stay open, humble and submit to His plans for your life.

     You can't cross a mountain without taking the risk of falling, but you get up and go
again, its okay to rest every once in awhile,, you shouldn't feel guilty about
that or if you think there are others ahead of you.... God has it all in His

     If you feel bogged down, tell God to get you out of the drudge, He will
show Himself strong on your behalf. I can not tell you this if i havent been
there myself. I am going through it right now, I am making it.

     Someone somewhere may need to be reading this who is going through the same thing. Hold
on, hold out, and hold to the hand of God, and He will lift you from the pit of despair. He will not leave or forsake you, though He may seem that He has, He will never give up and we should never give up either.

     Praise God Im going to the next level. Who is going with me? Thank you Jesus for your awesome grace that you pour on your brothers and sisters. Thank you Father for such a grace as sending your Son to die in my place.

     Thank you for that place in grace where we can run into the arms of our Father in Heaven, and He will never reject us or treat us like a reproach. He enjoys us and we should enjoy Him. I am talking
hold of His hand. Are you?

Come and go with Me to the Fathers house, there is more than enough room!


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