Heartly the Cat

     After our beloved cat, Priscilla passed away we were distraught.  We vowed we would never get another cat. But one day my wife spied a cat hiding under the vacant house up the street from us.

     The cat had a broken leg.  We were able to catch it, and took it to the vet.  The doctor did surgery on the leg. and was able to put a very small pen rod about the size of a paper clip into the back leg of the cat.

      the main task we had was to keep the cat in a kennel for a month so that the rod would set up in the leg of the cat. It was tough to keep the cat in the kennel  but we did our best until the day the doctor said it was well enough. 

     We couldn't keep the cat in the house it would run out when the dogs did, it was a very sneaky cat. 

     One day as I was sitting in my office I had a blinds open to where I could see out into the back yard. I saw Heartly climbing up our chain-link fence. I could not believe my eyes. Our disabled cat has full ability in his hind leg and one could never tell that the leg had a rod in it.

     I am amazed to see this cat up and around and happily living life as our new beloved pet cat.

     I am reminded of times I have given up on life so easily and thrown in the towel. I thought I would never make it in this life, and several times in life I have sadly turned my life away on God.

     Our animals have amazing ability to teach us many earthly lessons....that no matter what, we need to keep on going and not give up.  We get hurt so easily and are so apt to throw in the towel.

     I am thankful for the tenacity and persistence of Heartly have full use of the leg that was almost amputated...climbing and having full use of His leg.   That is a great miracle that God uses everytime that I see him overcoming such a big obstacle.

    Such a great pet we have today, and a living, breathing and walking testimony of seeing Heartly, and that giving me hope that no matter what happens to me If I am persistent I too can walk in areas of possbility. For all things are possible with God!!