Obeying the Call!!

     "My biggest downfall is not praying like I should. I confess this here and now to God and ask for His mercy in forgiveness, in not praying like I know I should be doing."

     It just seems that I get easily distracted in the events of the day and at times fail to even try.  

     For me it is easy to get my eyes on Him in worship, but having a heart stirred to compassionate intercession for others, is what the Father looks for...for someone to stand in the gap as His Spirit leads us...to pray that hedge of protection...

     In every christian's life, prayer is one of the toughest things to be committed daily to.  

     There are seasons in life when our prayer life seems to be barren and dry.. We know we are not where we should be in praying for others... 

     We desperately need a strong touch of God's Spirit to awaken our heart to intercession! Now is not the time or place to have a dormant prayer life.

      Dormant is defined as inactive, as in slumber, inoperative. Let us be sober-minded and alert to intercession.

     The enemy of our souls has set out to destroy us from making time to pray and actually doing it. If we really get down to it, how many of us would confess this.  

     Worship is not prayer. Worship is getting our focus redirected, thus getting our eyes off of ourselves and going into the very throne-room of God coming before Him in worship and praise.   The next step is intercession for the needs of others.   why stop at worshiping?   Divine communication with God  is like allowing that incense to rise to His throne laying our petitions down at His feet!!

      Prayer is giving of yourself. How many of us have that problem? We pray selfishly instead of making time to pray for other's needs.. Our motives are not rooted deeply in praying the way God intends. One sentence prayers are not going to get it .  when we get to heaven, we will be held accountable for our prayerlessness and not lifting up the true needs for others. 

     Do you believe your prayers will not be answered?? How many say,  "I will pray for you," and never do??? Your prayer could be a big difference in someone elses life!!  

     Father please help me, I need a deep reworking of my heart, to see the needs of the world, and to lift up the people around me. Open my eyes to the needs of the world around me, and help me develop such a compassion that I am drawn by Your complete love to intercede for all people.  I need the Holy Spirit to help me to pray like I should. Come Holy Spirit take over my heart and my tongue, I pray in Jesus name. Help me intercede like I have never done before. 


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