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Catch That Vision For 2016!!

     How many of you have New Years resolutions?  What it boils down to is "Do you have things in your life that need to change?"  Is any of our lives perfect? No, not one person on this earth is perfect. For we all have fallen short of the glory of God.  All of us have made mistakes, and all of us have chosen to do things we are not proud of...

     If you think you have arrived, think again my friend. Just maybe one chapter is closed, and the next one is just starting.  The book will never be finished as long as you live on this earth. You can not only see changes but you can make them with the help of the strength of God's grace.

      I am sure that there is those things that you would like to change or to see changed.  The word of God says that "Without a vision the people perish."  You have to "see those changes changed."  In other words, you need to "catch the vision of seeing yourself in faith living within that change..."  You have to…

Listening within My Presence...

Listen closely...can you hear his heart?  

    What is hindering you from knowing Him?  

Unbridled, unrelented worship before Him with your all might.  

     Dancing before him and being swept away by the abounding grace of His very presence!   

His heart is for you, and not against you. 

     He has not judged or criticized you, or condemned you. 

He is beckoning with all He has and is, all He desires is for you to come forward and worship Him...

     Listen closely...can you hear it now

"You must go past the veil of the flesh

and be swept away by His Spirit...

to hear My heart-beat

pass the veil of sin and shame...

Can you hear it now?

Come closer

into that holy place..."

It is Time to GO...

Maybe you have come to realize where you need to be in God is not where you are
at in life.

     Maybe things have become complacent and cold, and not lining up.

     Maybe your priorities are not in place.

     Maybe you dont pray and read the bible like you should.

     I'm here to tell you that God knows where you need to be in Him, and He is
going to get you there. Stay open, humble and submit to His plans for your life.

     You can't cross a mountain without taking the risk of falling, but you get up and go
again, its okay to rest every once in awhile,, you shouldn't feel guilty about
that or if you think there are others ahead of you.... God has it all in His

     If you feel bogged down, tell God to get you out of the drudge, He will
show Himself strong on your behalf. I can not tell you this if i havent been
there myself. I am going through it right now, I am making it.

     Someone somewhere may need to be reading this who is going through the same t…

He will Lift You Up!!!

Imagine if you will, being in a muddy pit in your life.  It is so slimy that you are unable to even stand up.  You just keep slipping and sliding and they does not seem to be a way out. This could even relate to getting stuck in a vehicle for some of  us. 

     You realize you can never get out on your own. You need additional help to overcome the mess you have caused...but no one is in sight to help you out.  At time good intentional people just do not know how to help you when you really need it. Someone helped them but they cannot see to help you out of your pit of despair. 

     It would be nice if God Himself would supernaturally bend down scoop us up and wash us off and put us back where we should have been all along. 

     Actually He did do this by sending His son Jesus Christ to this earth, to die a cruel death so you could be saved. A lot of times we get our eyes on the things of this world, and the people around us can only go so far to help us. No other person except  Jesus, …

What are you Asking For??

     God does not give us His power to use it toward selfish gain.  The only power we can display in our lives is the power of the Holy Spirit. Without Jesus we are nothing...we will float around useless and without hope, lost without any remorse.  Are your waiting to spend eternity in heaven or hell?

     We have to be yielded and empty vessels, surrendering and submitting to the awesomeness of the power of the Holy One, the maker of the Heavens and the earth.  How can we not choose Jesus Christ in our life and invite him into our hearts, and thus in our everyday decisions that we have to make? It's all in your hands, you have make the choice (no one else can do that for you) just read this in passing, or to take a quality decision to accept Him this day.  

     The floodgates of all that Heaven contains are always open and available to us as Christians.  The only thing that blocks His spirit from moving in your heart is the willfulness, selfishness and stubbornness and the re…

Tearing Down Your Idols...

The end of time is closer than we know. Are we really ready for those final end days or are we taking a blind eye to what is going on around us?  Our government is a sinking ship with no land in site.  The final hour has been set in motion, and hastens toward the destination. The world is on the brink of total disaster and we are seeing glimpses of even worse pestilences!!

     We do not know if tomorrow will be our last day or not. So I come to you with this message in this hour. I hope that you do take heed, and that my words will cause you to turn from your sins.

     My message is simple..."Its high time we do what we can to tear down our idols."  

     We need to pray that God will grant us the powerful strength to demolish them once and for all...if we do not do anything, our idols will turn and crush us!

     I do not think I need to define the word "Idol." If  there is anything erected in our lives obscures our view of God, then there you go... but its way more…

Heartly the Cat

     After our beloved cat, Priscilla passed away we were distraught.  We vowed we would never get another cat. But one day my wife spied a cat hiding under the vacant house up the street from us.

     The cat had a broken leg.  We were able to catch it, and took it to the vet.  The doctor did surgery on the leg. and was able to put a very small pen rod about the size of a paper clip into the back leg of the cat.

      the main task we had was to keep the cat in a kennel for a month so that the rod would set up in the leg of the cat. It was tough to keep the cat in the kennel  but we did our best until the day the doctor said it was well enough. 

     We couldn't keep the cat in the house it would run out when the dogs did, it was a very sneaky cat. 

     One day as I was sitting in my office I had a blinds open to where I could see out into the back yard. I saw Heartly climbing up our chain-link fence. I could not believe my eyes. Our disabled cat has full ability in his hind leg and…

Its the Most LONELIEST Time of the Year...

      Remember that old Christmas classic?!  With the one exception is that loneliest should be wonderful....Why are you not having a wonderful Christmas every year? Maybe mom and dad are gone...maybe you are the only living relative..There is a whole slew of excuses to moan and groan like a scrooge. Maybe you once had some much to live for and now you do not feel like living anymore...Depression has took over and your heart is hurting so much, that you ache from what once way...

     I pray that this post may reach at least one person who doesn't have anything left to live for. maybe you think of yourself as a book that has been written and read.  The Lord wants you to know that He never ended your life. If you are alive there is always something to live for...It might be a grand opportunity to volunteer or serve in a community service.  

     No matter what, if you are alive then God has not finished with you yet!!!  Give more of  your heart to God than ever before.  Let him be th…

Obeying the Call!!

     "My biggest downfall is not praying like I should. I confess this here and now to God and ask for His mercy in forgiveness, in not praying like I know I should be doing."
     It just seems that I get easily distracted in the events of the day and at times fail to even try.  

     For me it is easy to get my eyes on Him in worship, but having a heart stirred to compassionate intercession for others, is what the Father looks for...for someone to stand in the gap as His Spirit leads pray that hedge of protection...

     In every christian's life, prayer is one of the toughest things to be committed daily to.  

     There are seasons in life when our prayer life seems to be barren and dry.. We know we are not where we should be in praying for others... 

     We desperately need a strong touch of God's Spirit to awaken our heart to intercession! Now is not the time or place to have a dormant prayer life.

      Dormant is defined as inactive, as in slumber, inopera…

Part 1: Taking off Your Disquise!!

True grace in its purest form is not a easy place to find and to stay in  that continual fellowship with the Holy Spirit...  Abiding in God's all-consuming presence is even paying a higher price in shredding that sin that easily entangles and suffocates our spirit.

     The grace of God is not a license to sin giving you free reign to do as you please...I believe that some Christians take that to mean that they can keep sinning.  Now that is nothing more than the worst kind of delusional thinking - by thinking you can get away with it, and calling it grace.  You will not escape the stronghold of whatever sin you believe you can get away with. There is no "easy grace" to lean on.  If you do not repent and ask and receive God's forgiveness you will not escape the wrath and destruction of sin's devastation.

     The grace of God does not exempt you from reaping what you sow, good or will reap the consequences of the results of the awful stain of sin within y…

Healing Grace - Testimony

 What I don't tell people up front, is that I struggle with a mental illness.   I have received so much of a negative reaction in the past that only select few have known.  

     I have had 3 mental breakdowns since I was 22 years old. I have been in and out of  hospitals on various occasions. 

     In 2002 I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, after such a severe breakdown that left my marriage of twelve years in shambles.  That was very awakening and sobering day when I realized that I had a malady that could be treated.  

     I went without a diagnosis and medicine for many years.  It never occurred to me or anyone else around me, for me to get outside help from a doctor and take medicine for it.   Besides the point I had associated half my life in a denomination that believed you have to look for demons behind every corner...

     I can not spend my life afraid of the devil, God has given me a sound mind by me "taking my medicine" to combat and overcome all that …